7 Ways to Amp up Your Bathroom

If your bathroom isn’t looking so great and you don’t have the time or the budget for a complete overhaul, don’t be discouraged. You don’t necessarily have to gut the room and start over, or even replace big-ticket items like counters, tile, and flooring to make a difference. Start with some little improvements, such as these ideas, and see the significant impact they can make. 


Man installing a mirror on wall in his renewed bathroom


1. Give the cabinets a facelift.

Simply sanding and painting outdated cabinets can instantly refresh an entire bathroom. Generally, semi-gloss paint is a good choice for rooms with a lot of moisture, like bathrooms, and this type of finish also makes it easier to clean fingerprints and grime from cabinet doors and drawers. After you paint, consider upgrading the cabinet and drawer hardware, too, for an additional upgrade. 

2. Change fixtures.

Switching out your bathroom’s plumbing and light fixtures is a relatively easy, inexpensive way to update the feel and style. Choose the same or coordinating finishes for a sleek, coordinated look. Some popular finishes include chrome, stainless, gold, bronze, and matte black. Brushed metal finishes offer more muted color and resist smudging. 

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3. Replace the shower curtain.

Introduce color, patterns, and texture into your bathroom with a new shower curtain. For extra elbow room inside the shower, install a curved rod. Decorator shower curtain rings can help add detail and interest to the room.  

4. Upgrade the mirror. 

Changing out your bathroom’s mirror can make your bathroom look more upscale and can also make the room look larger. If you have a standard builder grade bathroom mirror, consider putting a frame or molding around it, or taking it down and replacing it with one or two smaller framed mirrors. Choose a frame that matches or coordinates with your plumbing and light fixtures, as well as your bathroom’s color scheme. Remember that bathroom mirrors don’t have to be rectangular. Square, circle, and oval mirrors can be very attractive as well. 

5. Add storage. 

Simply eliminating clutter from the bathroom counter and shelving can make a big improvement in the room. Look at ways to increase your storage capacity by retrofitting drawers, cabinets, and linen closets or adding storage containers and baskets to hold items. 

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6. Revamp accessories. 

Elevate bathroom details like the trash can, tissue box, glass, toothbrush holder, and soap dish or dispenser. Remember that these items don’t all have to match to be attractive. Add a decorative tray to corral smaller items, such as jewelry and hairbrushes. 

7. Add hooks and towel bars. 

When it comes to places to hang things, a bathroom can’t have too many. Put hooks beside the shower or tub and on the backs of doors for hanging wet towels and robes. Add towel bars and rings within easy reach of the shower, tub, and sink. 

When you’re looking at ways to improve your bathroom, think of it as your mini-spa. Add touches that will help you relax and enjoy spending time there, such as fluffy towels, scented soaps, candles, and bath salts. Even the addition of a few details can help you create a luxurious retreat.