Clever Ways To Add Value To Your Home

A home is a major financial investment for most people. In addition to building equity, many people aim to increase the property’s value with the goal of reaping a profit at resale time. Significant renovations, additions, and improvements can add value to a home but can be expensive and time consuming. Here are some creative ways to enhance your home without necessarily spending a lot of money or time:

Update light fixtures inside and outside. You may be surprised to see the difference that new fixtures can make. Swapping out old lighting in entries, dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms can automatically modernize the decor, increase curb appeal, and brighten a home.

Add built-ins, such as bookcases and window seats. Built-in features lend an upscale, customized feel to a home and can add important storage and display space. Look for space in bedrooms, living rooms, dens, and hallways where shelves, cabinets, or seating can be added.

Customize closets. Luxurious closets and dressing areas are big trends in real estate today, so improving the closet space in your home can be a good idea. Paint closets to make them brighter, and add adjustable hanging and storage space. Built-in drawers, cabinets, shelves, and even islands are some of the desirable features that many buyers seek.

Add woodworking details such as moldings, chair rails, shiplap, and wainscoting. Crown molding at the ceiling is a detail that many higher priced homes share. Other types of woodworking details can also add charm, appeal, and a finished look to rooms.

Change the ceilings. If you have textured or “popcorn” ceilings in your home, consider replacing them with smooth ceilings. While popcorn and textured ceilings can hide imperfections, they are often considered outdated by potential buyers. Another current trend is to detail ceilings with bead board and other design elements.

Create outdoor living space. Patios, porches, and decks that can extend the gathering space of a home are popular and desired. In addition to seating areas, room for grills and cooking spaces, water features, and fire pits can enhance a home’s livability and potential value.

Change the front door. First impressions are important, and an outdated or worn front door can send the wrong signal about the state of your home. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint or stain, or replace it altogether with a new style. Consider a door with glass or leaded glass windows if you need to add light to the interior. Changing out the door hardware and lockset can also make a big difference.

Maintain systems and appliances. Taking care of your home’s major systems and appliances can help keep them running efficiently and may help extend the life of some equipment. Keep records of maintenance and servicing that you have done so you can show potential buyers that they’ve been in good care. Adding HSA Home Warranty coverage can help protect your budget in the event of a covered malfunction, and can give you a reliable resource to call for covered repair help.