5 Ways to Amp up Your Living Room

Does your living room need some new life? If this area of your home is looking drab, outdated, or just plain boring, maybe it’s time for a little refreshing. Your living room is where you welcome guests, gather family, and relax, so making it attractive and appealing can set the tone for the rest of your home. Here are five easy, inexpensive ways to amp up, spruce up, and perk up your living room:


Clean, organized living room


Consider multi-functional furniture to increase usage and storage.

Many of today’s furniture styles incorporate or transition into additional uses. In addition to traditional convertible sofas, there are coffee tables that lift and transform into dining tables and computer work spaces. Some end tables and ottomans offer hidden storage, and console tables may also serve as beverage carts or provide wine storage. Modular sofa components can be arranged to accommodate room sizes and additional guests. Think about how you and members of your household really use your living room, and look for furniture pieces that can fit your specific needs and lifestyle.


Think vertically.

To add some pizzazz to your living room, look up for ways to decorate. Too many horizontal lines and furniture pieces in a room can be boring. Adding some tall bookshelves, furniture towers, and floor lamps can help draw the eye upward. Artwork that’s oriented vertically can also help, as can hanging window treatments above the window casing. Lighting that shines up instead of down from floor lamps, sconces, and overhead fixtures can also visually expand the room in many cases.


Pull out the rug.

A new rug can help define the sitting area as well as add interest, texture, and color to your living room. Choose colors and patterns that will complement the rest of your furniture, wall color, flooring materials, and other fabrics in the room. Some of today’s rug selections offer washable options, which is great for busy families or households with pets.


Add decorating details, like pillows, candles, pottery, framed photographs, and accessories.

If you’ve had the same objects in your living room for a long time, try switching them up with items from other rooms in your house. Including decorations that reflect your personality and interests can add warmth and charm to the space.


Organize small things like books, magazines, remote controls, and chargers.

Invest in stylish baskets and containers to help corral everyday items and keep them from overwhelming and cluttering the area. Decide which items need to stay in the living room and which can be kept elsewhere.


Remember, the most inviting living rooms usually look lived in. You don’t have to have a stuffy, formal living space like your grandmother likely had to have an attractive living room. Let your living room evolve and change as your needs and your family’s needs fluctuate, and guests will feel like they are being welcomed into your heart as well as into your home.