How to Spruce up Your Coffee Table

Is your living room coffee table eye candy or an eyesore? It’s easy for a coffee table to become a catch-all for remote controls, empty dishes, unread magazines, and stray pens. Often centrally located, coffee tables can either add or detract from a room’s décor and ambiance. If you’d like to take your coffee table from drab to dream, here are some ideas: 


Scandinavian living room interior with design grey sofa, wooden coffee table, plants, shelf, mirror, furniture, plaid pillow, teapot, book and elegant personal accessories in home decor.


Book it. 

Arrange books that mean something to you on top of the table. The books can reflect a hobby, an interest, your profession, a region you love, or it might be your personal favorites. Try searching antique and thrift stores for hardbacks in subjects you enjoy or ones that have attractive covers.  

Organize it. 

Attractive baskets, trays, bowls, and boxes can be used to organize and store random items that you need to keep handy. If there’s room under your coffee table, consider sliding decorative containers underneath to provide even more storage. 

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Give it some green. 

The addition of a potted plant, orchid, or fresh flowers can bring color and elegance to your coffee table. Look for pretty pots and vases at garage sales and home stores, or repurpose items that you already have. 

Make it child friendly. 

If you have youngsters who live in your home or visit frequently, make sure there’s something on the coffee table that they’re allowed to touch and handle. A child’s book, a toy, or an unbreakable decorative item will work. Remember to protect small children from sharp table corners by using corner protectors or padding. 

Add nature to it.  

Bring the outdoors in by adding pretty rocks, shells, pine cones, or other objects that you find in your yard, on walks, or trips. Nature often provides more interesting colors and textures than you can find in man-made items. Start a collection that you can add to as time goes on. 

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Make it practical. 

Keep coasters on the coffee table to encourage family and friends to use them regularly. Tuck a phone charger into a basket or drawer for easy access. Display a favorite photo album for your family and guests to look through.  

Give it a facelift. 

If your coffee table looks tired, worn, or outdated, it may be time for a revamping. Change the paint color, put a new stain on it, or distress it for an antiqued look. You can also have glass cut to fit the top, which can help protect the surface from glass rings and scratches. 

If you’re in the market for a new coffee table, measure the area to make sure that you select a piece that will fit the area well. Think about whether a square, round, oval, or rectangular shape would best suit your furniture arrangement. Check into new coffee table styles that incorporate built-in storage or that lift up to form work stations and dining surfaces.