How to Accessorize Your Living Room

Once you’ve chosen your living room furniture, lighting, window treatments, rugs, and artwork, it’s time for the real fun to begin. Accessorizing a living room gives you the chance to be creative and to put your stamp on the space. Best of all, accessorizing doesn’t have to be done all at once. In fact, the most beautiful and charming rooms have details that are added over a long period of time. Here’s how to get started:




  • Think about your style. Are rooms you prefer minimalist, modern, traditional, eclectic, rustic, or something else? While accessories don’t have to all fall into one specific category, knowing the overall look you want to achieve can help you make the best selections for the room.


  • Determine what colors will work best. Does your living room need some pops of bright colors? Or do you prefer a more neutral palette? While accessories certainly don’t all have to perfectly match, it’s a good idea to keep the color scheme in mind.


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  • Accessories are a great way to showcase your interests and hobbies. Books on subjects you enjoy or mementos you’ve collected on your travels make great accessories as do collections and keepsakes. You’ll enjoy having such special items in your living space and guests will enjoy learning more about you through them.


  • Be sure to choose accessories that have a variety of textures, sizes, and shapes. Too many small things can clutter a room while lots of large pieces can overwhelm the space. Keep balance in mind as you gather items and as you place and arrange them.


  • Ask yourself if each accessory complements the room as a whole. If it doesn’t, perhaps it would look better if you moved it to a different room or spot in your home.


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  • In addition to visual appeal, be sure to keep comfort in mind. Your living room should be a welcoming place where you and your friends and family want to relax. Too many items can be distracting, inconvenient, and difficult to clean around. Remember to leave ample room on tables to easily put down coffee mugs, glasses, books, and remote controls.


If you still have empty spots that need accessories, framed photographs always make interesting additions to rooms. Placing images of family, friends, pets, or special places around a room brings instant warmth and personality. For a more cohesive look, choose frames that are all the same material, such as silver, brass, or wood.