4 Signs That Something May Be Wrong in Your Home

All homes have one thing in common. Eventually, a home system or appliance will break down or malfunction due to normal wear and tear, or something else. Dealing with home repairs and replacements is an inevitable part of homeownership that can be hard on schedules and budgets. While it’s impossible to anticipate every failure, sometimes houses provide clues ahead of time that something is amiss. Here are four signs that may alert you to problems in your home:




1. Unusual smells

If your nose detects mildew or moldy odor, you could have moisture or water damage nearby.  A foul stench in the kitchen that won’t go away could signal the failure of your garbage disposal, dishwasher, or refrigerator. A sharp, pungent smell that lingers could mean that a rodent or other critter has gained entrance and died in a wall void. Stale, musty odors could indicate the presence of pests, such as cockroaches.


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2. Unusual sounds

It’s easy to become accustomed to regular noises in your home, such as the refrigerator humming, the HVAC system cycling on and off, or the dryer turning. In fact, these sounds can become so familiar to us that they seem to fade into the background and we don’t even notice them. It’s important, though, to be aware of changes in typical sounds as well as the addition of any new noises. For example, a loud thump that starts to happen with the heating system needs to be checked out, and water trickling or running should always be investigated. If your normally quiet refrigerator starts to make louder noises, it could be an indication that something is going wrong. If your dishwasher or clothes washer begins to make a high-pitched whine, a belt could have slipped. Scratching in the walls or ceilings could mean that pests have invaded, and lights buzzing or blinking could mean a loose connection or other electrical problems. Never ignore new or unusual sounds in your home as they could be signs of an impending issue.


3. Peeling paint

Paint that starts to peel, bubble, or blister can indicate water damage. In addition to occurring in rooms where water is used, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry room, water damage can also occur in other spaces from the roof and other leaks. These types of paint problems can also signal inadequate ventilation. If you notice peeling or cracked paint in any part of your home, it’s important to act quickly before the situation worsens.


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4. Cracks and uneven surfaces

If you see cracks in your walls, floors, sidewalks, or tile, or if you have difficulty opening and closing doors and windows, you could have foundation problems. Foundation issues can occur for a variety of reasons, including structural failures, water damage, soil compaction, and other reasons. Contact a builder or qualified foundation contractor for an inspection.


Having a plan in place can help you and your budget better navigate some of the most common home system and appliance breakdowns. An HSA home warranty is a one-year contract that covers the repair or replacement of components of many major home systems and appliances. An HSA home warranty can provide budget protection, peace of mind, and a valuable repair resource for covered items. Visit onlinehsa.com for more information.