Preparing for a Video Diagnosis Call


Dishwasher not draining? Microwave acting up? If you’re a member of HSA, you know help is just a service request away. Whether you go online to MyAccount or call and chat with one of our service agents, we can help get your home back up and running without blowing your budget.

In order to improve the service experience for our members, we are now offering video diagnosis to help accelerate the process and potentially complete the repair during the first in-home visit. Using our Streem® video chat technology, service agents and contractors can quickly and easily capture important details about your breakdown. This upfront information allows the contractor to properly prepare for the in-home visit and helps provide faster, more efficient service.

What to Expect

Requesting Service: When you place a service request over the phone, the HSA service agent may suggest capturing a quick video to share with your assigned contractor. This video will help the contractor diagnose the issue, pre-order any parts needed, and assign the right technician to your repair — all before the first in-home visit. Or in some cases, your contractor may reach out to you directly to schedule a video diagnosis appointment. These appointments are scheduled in convenient 1-hour windows and typically only takes about 10 minutes. This benefit is included in the Trade Call Fee you pay when you request service, so there’s no additional charge.

Before the appointment: Set a calendar reminder for the time of your appointment so you don’t miss it. Also, make sure your smartphone is charged and that you have a good internet connection. Streem works on iPhone®, iPad®, and Andriod™ devices. It’s also helpful to clear the area around the appliance and grab a flashlight to illuminate any dark spaces that the contractor may need to see.

At the Scheduled Time: You will receive a text message that contains a secure, one-time use link to start the video diagnosis. Just click the link and a page will load asking you to get started. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will automatically be connected to the contractor. There is nothing to download or install, and the appointment usually only takes about 10 minutes.

During the Video Call: The contractor will guide you using the video on your smartphone. They will only see what you point the camera at, and your privacy and information is protected the entire time. You have control over the experience, including the ability to easily turn your camera on and off so that the contractor only sees your appliance and not images of your home. The contractor will guide you through the call to capture the item’s model, serial number, location, and any symptoms or details about the breakdown.

The contractor may use onscreen tools to help guide you, such as a laser pointer to point out certain areas or parts of the appliance, or a drawing tool to highlight certain things along the way. They may also take photos of the appliance to help the contractor provide an accurate solution. At the end of the video diagnosis, the contractor will discuss next steps and schedule the in-home visit.

Completing the Repair: Your contractor will arrive to your in-home visit prepared and typically able to complete the repair that day. If the breakdown is covered by your HSA home warranty, you will not be charged additional fees and your service experience will be complete. Like most home warranties, there are limitations and exclusions that could result in an additional cost. Please see your plan for more coverage details.


Is there an additional cost for a video diagnosis?
If you are eligible, a video diagnosis is included in your trade service call fee — there’s no extra cost.

Do I have to download anything on my smartphone?
No, Streem works through the internet browser without any downloads or installation. It’s simple to use and your personal data is protected throughout the video diagnosis.

Won’t someone have to come out anyway?
Using a video diagnosis as the first step in your service experience helps us speed up the process. It allows the contractor see the issue prior to the in-home visit so they are better prepared to complete your repair when they arrive.

Am I eligible for a video diagnosis?
In select markets, the HSA service agent and/or the assigned contractor may suggest a video diagnosis appointment for your appliance service request. Members may also reach out directly to the assigned repair professional to see if they are performing video diagnoses.

We understand that our members want to get their homes back up and running as quickly as possible when something breaks down. That’s why HSA is responding with easy-to-use technology to better serve you and help get your issue resolved faster.