Improving the Service Experience with Tech

Now more than ever, people need convenient and efficient services to help simplify their busy lives. We tap our watches to pay for things, adjust our home thermostat from miles away, and have groceries delivered to our doorstep. Things are changing, and HSA is responding with new technology that provides an easier, more productive service request experience.

Upfront Info for Contractors, Better Service for Members
Using Streem® technology, members can use their smartphones to easily capture information about their breakdown, which helps the contractor inspect and diagnose the issues prior to the in-home inspection. This upfront information allows the contractor to pre-order any parts needed to complete the repair and arrive better prepared.
Streem is an easy-to-use mobile platform that connects you with service professionals through your smartphone. Members receive a text message with a link to start an interactive video chat with an HSA service agent or a contractor. The video chat shows the appliance or system issue and provides important model and serial number information. The contractor will then use the video captured to inspect and diagnose the issue.

What are the benefits of a video diagnosis?
It saves time.

Correcting many appliance and system issues can take at least two visits. The first is typically spent diagnosing the issue, figuring out what parts are needed, and coming up with a repair plan. With a video diagnosis, your contractor will be better prepared for the in-home visit, frequently coming with parts on hand and ready to complete the repair. Occasionally, we can eliminate a visit altogether with expert troubleshooting during the chat.

Easy to use
Using this technology, we can easily guide you through the steps to gather the information that is most useful for the contractor. All you need is a smartphone and we can walk through your issue together.

It’s safe
Streem works through the browser on your phone. There’s no application to download or install. You have control over the entire experience, including the ability to easily turn your camera on and off so that we only capture your system and not images of your home.

Can I get a video diagnosis during my service request?
In select markets, the HSA service agent and/or the assigned contractor may suggest a video diagnosis appointment. Members may also reach out directly to the assigned repair professional to see if they are performing video diagnoses at that time.
HSA is constantly looking for ways to deliver innovative solutions to our members, and Streem certainly accomplishes that goal. By using one-of-a-kind technology, it delivers faster, more efficient solutions to homeowners.