How to Make a Coffee Station in Your Kitchen

If you enjoy a good cup of joe, why not designate space for a coffee station in your kitchen? In addition to keeping all the necessary supplies in one space, a coffee station can be a welcoming gathering spot for family and friends. Here are some ideas for how to set up this convenient and upscale addition to your kitchen:



  • Choose the right spot. You’ll need adequate counter space with access to a nearby electrical plug for the coffee maker. If possible, choose a spot that’s away from the main cooking area for good traffic flow.


  • In addition to the coffee maker, gather mugs and cups on the counter or in a nearby cabinet or shelf for easy access. If space is limited, consider buying a mug rack. You’ll also need a sugar container, as well as a dish to hold artificial sweeteners. An insulated container to help keep creamer cold is also a nice addition.


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  • Use decorative baskets or bins to hold spoons, napkins, and a selection of coffee pods. If you use ground coffee, put it in an airtight container with a measuring scoop inside. Include a battery-powered frother for lattes and cappuccino preparation and offer decaf coffee options, too.


  • If your coffee station isn’t near a sink, it’s a good idea to put a pretty pitcher out to hold water for replenishing the coffee maker.


  • You can also include a selection of tea bags as well as hot cider and hot chocolate mixes. Arrange a container of marshmallows and some candy canes for stirring the hot chocolate.


  • A pretty cookie jar can hold biscotti or other baked treats to enjoy along with the coffee. If you enjoy iced coffee from time to time, include some glasses and an ice bucket.


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  • Add a ring or hook to hold dish towels for easy spill cleanup.


  • For people on the go, tuck in some travel mugs or insulated disposable cups with lids to make it easy to transport hot drinks.


While you’re thinking about all the necessities, don’t forget to have fun with your coffee station. Collect some fun mugs or some coffee-themed décor to brighten up the spot. Seasonal napkins can add a festive touch at holiday time. A coffee station is also a great chance to introduce a splash of color into your kitchen by painting the walls, cabinetry, or shelves a bright hue.