How to Set up Your Kitchen to Handle the Morning Rush

Is the morning rush challenging to navigate in your home? When alarms sound, the race is on to get your household up, fed, dressed, and organized for the day. Here are some steps that can help save you time and sanity while getting everyone out the door on time:


Modern coffee machine, cups and croissants on kitchen table


  • Set up a coffee and tea station. Choose a corner of your kitchen countertop with easy access to an electrical outlet where you can leave a coffeemaker, teapot, mugs, spoons, and all the fixings for your favorite morning beverages. With everything at your fingertips, you won’t have to waste valuable time searching for ingredients or utensils. Store extra supplies in nearby drawers or cabinets for easy replenishing.


  • Empty the dishwasher the night before. Getting into this habit will not only save you time in the mornings but will also help you avoid coming home to a pile of dirty breakfast dishes in the sink. You can even rotate this chore among family members to share the responsibility.


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  • Designate spots in the pantry and refrigerator to store your household’s favorite breakfast items to simplify preparation. For example, a pantry shelf can hold cereals, breakfast bars, protein bars, or oatmeal packets. A refrigerator shelf or drawer can hold yogurt, hardboiled eggs, turkey bacon, or fruit. The idea is to make healthy breakfast options quick and easy to find.


  • Take the same approach with lunchboxes and lunch ingredients. Have a defined spot where lunch boxes are hung or stored, and group lunch fixings together. When possible, make lunches the night before to grab and go in the morning.


  • If smoothies are often on your breakfast menu, keep pre-chopped fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and freezer for quick morning prep. For some smoothie recipes, you can blend the ingredients in advance and store the mixture in ice cube trays. Run the cubes through the blender when you’re ready to serve.


  • Set out toasters, blenders, or other kitchen tools the night before, so they’re ready for use the next day. Put out utensils, napkins, glasses, mugs, and plates or bowls, too.


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  • Have an easily visible clock in the kitchen so everyone can keep track of time as they complete their morning routine. If necessary, set timers so that everyone stays on schedule.


  • Set the tone for the day in your kitchen. Play soothing, upbeat music in the background. Write an inspirational quote on a chalkboard. Ask family members to share one thing they’re looking forward to about the day. These small gestures can help start the day on a positive note for everyone.


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