Best Ways to Market Yourself from a Distance

Social distancing requirements changed many things for the real estate business, including marketing. With so many facets of real estate transactions being conducted remotely and limited opportunities for open houses and networking, many agents have been forced to rethink their marketing strategies. Although it may take some extra ingenuity, creativity, and effort, you can successfully market your services from a distance. Here are some suggestions:


Lady on the phone at home.



Using video technology for home tours, open houses, client contact, and meetings have become a way of life for many agents. Videos can also be used to market yourself, your experience, and your approach to selling real estate and serving clients. For example, conducting virtual workshops on platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Meetings, and YouTube enables you to share valuable information with potential clients and demonstrate your real estate expertise. In addition to marketing properties, sharing videos of home tours and open houses also shows buyers and sellers that you’ve been able to successfully adapt to these changing times.


Social media

Now’s a great time to increase your presence and connections on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Add new followers, increase your posting frequency and interactions, and regularly include more photos and videos. Be sure to make your posts sharable and to share posts from others, as well. You can also use social media to ask for referrals from family, friends, and former clients.


Website content

Update your website content to include any new accomplishments, statistics, services, and to address the steps you’ve taken to social distance and help ensure clients’ safety during real estate transactions. Refresh photos and videos that appear on the pages and add some videos of you in action as you serve clients and make deals happen.


Home Warranties

HSASM home warranties can be effective marketing tools for real estate professionals. In addition to increasing client satisfaction and helping you build long-term client relationships and referrals, HSA home warranty coverage can help distinguish listings from others on the market.  HSA can also help you promote your business more effectively through complimentary marketing materials.


Another creative way to market yourself and your services while practicing social distancing is to look for sponsorship opportunities with sports teams, charities, local schools, and other organizations. In many areas, group support may have suffered due to economic factors, decreased donations, attendance restrictions, or lower participation, making your contributions especially appreciated.


In the midst of changing technology and marketing strategies, don’t forget the old-fashioned approach of picking up the phone and connecting with people in person. Reaching out to former and current clients, colleagues, and potential clients by phone can be an effective way to communicate when people are socially distant and cut off from others.