7 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Organized

If you like to cook, having an organized kitchen can make the process even more enjoyable. If you don’t like to cook, an orderly kitchen may help you spend less time preparing meals and giving you more time to spend on the activities you prefer.  Here are seven ways to bring more order to the heart of your home:


Food storage in pantry, woman holding jar of sugar in hand. Pantry interior, wooden shelf with food cans and kitchen utensils


1. Point-of-use

As much as possible, arrange utensils and cooking supplies in drawers and cabinets near the location where you access them the most. For example, make sure pots and pans are stored near your stove and oven. Put frequently used items, like glasses and plates, near the dishwasher for easy unloading. Place baking items together near your largest counter and put food storage items near the refrigerator.


2. Eliminate

Discard or donate duplicate and unused items, such as multiple whisks, spatulas, measuring tools, and specialty gadgets that you never or rarely use. You only need one or two functioning items of each type. Any additional ones simply take up needed space and clutter your storage.


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3. Lids

Food storage container lids, and even the lids for pots and pans, can cause havoc in kitchen drawers and shelves. If you have room, store containers and pots with the lids on. If you must stack the items, try to store the lids by size.  If a drying rack will fit in your cabinet or drawer, use it to separate the lids and hold them upright. You can also separate and store smaller lids in plastic bags.


4. Alphabetize

Organizing your herbs and spices alphabetically can make it easy to find what you need and easily see what you need to restock. It’s also helpful to store them on turntables or in a stacked shelf for easy visibility.


5. Maximize

Install stackable shelves in cabinets and in your pantry to make use of vertical storage space. Keep infrequently used items in the backs of corner cabinets and behind other shelved items.


6. Duplicate

To save yourself time and grocery store trips, have a duplicate system for frequently used items.  Extra items to keep on hand might include paper towels, napkins, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, food storage bags, baking powder, cooking oil, and garbage bags.


7. Clean

Before each grocery store trip, pick up, or delivery, clean out your refrigerator and pantry. This gives you a chance to take inventory of what you need and make unpacking the items easier when you get home.


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8. Group

Group pantry items together, such as canned goods, snacks, and paper products. Organize areas in your refrigerator for condiments, dairy products, and beverages. In cabinets, have separate shelves for plates, glassware, and mugs.


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