How Positive Testimonials and Reviews Can Help Your Business During Covid-19

Testimonials and reviews can be highly effective marketing strategies, particularly for real estate professionals. Real estate is a relationship-driven business, and positive comments from previous clients can positively influence buyers and sellers. In challenging times, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, endorsements can be especially important in building business by addressing these client needs:


Businesswoman pressing smiley on keyboard laptop .Customer service evaluation concept.



With the virus causing so much uncertainty in the rest of their world, real estate clients want to be secure in their agent choice. They want to know that the agent representing them is experienced, knowledgeable, and conscientious. When previous clients share their transaction success stories, prospective clients can receive the assurance they need to move forward in their selection.



More than ever, real estate clients need to know that their real estate agent cares about them, their safety, and their future. When testimonials and reviews offer a glimpse of you as an empathetic and kindhearted person, prospective clients may be more likely to trust you during these turbulent times. Testimonials and reviews can offer insight into your character that can help clients forge a connection with you.



In an unsettling economic climate, the financial stakes of real estate investing can be higher, and clients will rely on your guidance and expertise more than ever. New clients can be attracted to reviews of your service that illustrate a professional demeanor, negotiating skills, and a business-like approach to transactions.



When real estate clients read first-person accounts of working with you, they learn that they can count on you. Knowing that you came through for past clients in a dependable manner lets them know that you’ll likely be reliable and responsive to their needs, too. Be sure to highlight any testimonials and reviews that mention going the extra mile for clients.



As people quarantined and practiced social distancing in 2020, many learned to value relationships more than ever. Since 1984, HSA home warranties have helped real estate agents strengthen relationships by making sure that clients have the best transaction experience possible when buying or selling a home. HSA offers comprehensive and reliable home warranty coverage with important advantages for buyers, sellers, and agents alike.

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Make sure your website and social media platforms include testimonials and reviews from past clients. You can ask clients for their comments and feedback through surveys, emails, or postcards. Some clients may even be willing to give their testimonials via video, which can be especially compelling and effective.