How to Hold a Successful Open House for Agents

One of the best ways to draw attention to a new listing or to help revitalize an existing listing is to hold an agent open house. You can choose to invite agents from your brokerage or include agents from other brokerages in your area as well. Getting agents into your listing can help them see its potential for their buyers. Here’s how to plan a successful event:




Be intentional in setting a day and time convenient for most agents, which maximizes your chances for good attendance. In many markets, this means avoiding weekends and choosing a morning time so you can catch agents early in the day before other demands interfere with their schedules. Work with the seller to make sure the home is ready for showing and sharing.



Serving refreshments, and including that information in the invitation, can help increase attendance and encourage agents to stay longer. For morning open houses, coffee, juice, and muffins are good choices. If the open house falls during the lunch hour, consider serving sandwiches and cookies. Have cold drinks available during summer months and hot beverages during the winter.



Make sure to have plenty of printed information with photos and details about the property that agents can take with them to hopefully share with potential clients. You’ll also want to email digital links to attendees following the open house to thank them for coming and to remind them about the real estate opportunity.



It’s also a good idea to have a showing sign-up sheet at the open house to encourage agents to go ahead and set up a time for interested clients to tour the listing.  As agents see the sheet filling up, they may feel a sense of urgency to set up tours. This can also help you and your sellers plan for showings and gauge interest.



Open houses can be a great way for you to meet new agents and to get to know your colleagues. Encourage agents to stick around and chat over refreshments, or set up coffee and lunch dates to catch up later. Snap a few pictures to share on social media, too.



You may want to have some pens, paper, and an envelope or box on hand where agents can leave their honest and anonymous feedback about the property and the listing price. This information can help you and the sellers in staging the home and deciding on a listing price. It also gives you concrete, impartial insight that you can communicate to your clients.



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