Easiest Ways to Add Appeal to Your Home

Whether you’re thinking about putting your house on the market or you plan to live in it for the long haul, every owner wants their home to be appealing. What is it, exactly, that makes a home attractive and welcoming? It’s usually a combination of qualities, many of which are fairly simple to attain. Consider these easy ways to add instant appeal to your home:


Busy House Painter Painting the Trim And Shutters of A Home.


Stay on top of maintenance.

A well-kept property whispers, “come in and relax,” while a property with noticeable delayed maintenance issues shouts, “come in and work!” Make it a practice to handle maintenance issues as soon as possible or, even better, anticipate them with preventive measures. Tighten loose shutters, clean gutters, change light bulbs, seal leaks, pressure wash walkways, replace rotten wood, and paint worn surfaces.  A neat and well-maintained home is always appealing.


Choose paint colors wisely.

While it’s tempting to follow decorating trends, think twice about the interior and exterior colors that you choose for your home. Will your choices wear well over time? Do the shades complement the décor in the rest of your house? Do the colors limit your other decorating choices? How do the colors look at different times throughout the day? Color can influence the way people feel about a space, so think about the way others will feel about your choices.


Add some charm.

Small details can add big charm to a home. Even if your home is an ordinary design, you can make it charming by adding touches like window boxes, architectural details, a curved walkway, garden seating, or an outside fountain. Lighting can also make rooms warmer and more inviting, so consider the addition of wall sconces, chandeliers, and more lamps to make your home glow.


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Be creative with landscaping.

The trees and plants that surround your home can add to or detract from your home’s appeal. If the shrubbery is overgrown or sparse, take steps to trim it back, transplant cuttings, or add additional plants to the beds. Think about adding additional beds or an island for interest.  Add plants around walkways, mailboxes, and driveways, paying attention to the colors, shapes, and textures that complement your home’s exterior.


Be intentional with accessories.

The right accessories can add charm to a home, while the wrong accessories can add clutter. Give thought to the knickknacks and items that you place around your house. Pay attention to scale, texture, and the relationship of items to their surroundings. The best accessories in a home say something about the homeowner, so choose things that reflect your personality, interests, and hobbies.


Bump up the curb appeal.

First impressions are important, and the way your home looks from the street can influence its appeal. Give your front door and mailbox a fresh coat of paint, plant some flowers in colorful pots, hang a seasonal wreath, and update the exterior lights. If your home has a front porch or patio, add seating or a swing to create an outdoor living area.


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