How to Break Through the Digital Overload to Reach Your Clients

Chances are that your clients are deluged daily with emails and digital marketing messages from various sources. How do you manage to capture their attention as they scroll through their burgeoning inboxes? Try some of these tips:


hands typing on a laptop.


Be persistent

Keep sending messages regularly, even if you aren’t getting a lot of response or feedback. Staying in touch with your clients helps maintain the important relationships you’ve worked so hard to build.



Include your clients’ names and customize greetings and messages as much as possible. If you send or forward a general message, try to include a quick note to make it more personal.



In today’s busy digital world, clients don’t have time to read and decipher long messages. Keep communications concise and make your points succinctly and directly. Include links where clients can find more information if they are interested, or ask them to contact you for details.


Make messages relevant and relatable

Focus on sending emails and messages that contain useful information for your clients. Choose topics that are pertinent to your client’s goals and lifestyle or address subjects that can deliver a benefit to them.


Shareable Content

Encourage your clients to forward or share your messages with friends, family, or neighbors who might be interested in the information you provide. Make social media posts shareable, too.


Capture Attention

Use subject lines and subheads to draw readers in. Be creative with subject lines by asking questions or by using a conversational tone to gain notice.


Use color and images

It’s important to employ graphics and visuals that help your messages get noticed. Use bright, vibrant colors and compelling photos and pictures in the layout. Include videos or video messages from you, too.


Deliver value

Clients are more likely to click on your messages and read them when they know there will be something of value for them. For example, telling your clients about the advantages of HSA home warranties is useful information that can help bring budget protection, peace of mind, and reliable service. Focus on the benefits and advantages that your messages can bring to your clients for the best response and results.


When you get replies, responses, or requests for more information, follow up promptly. When possible, try to follow up with a personal phone call or even a visit to let your clients know that they are important to you. It’s also a good idea to take the initiative to ask your clients periodically if they are receiving your messages and to seek their input. You can even send a short survey asking them what kinds of information and content they’d like to receive from you. Invite them to add friends, family members, or neighbors to your mailing list, too.