6 Budget-friendly Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Awesome

When it comes to decorating kids’ rooms, creativity and resourcefulness are much more important than having a big budget. It doesn’t take a lot of money to design a cozy environment that’s also a fun place for your child and their friends to hang out. Here are some ideas you can easily and economically incorporate:



1. Create a reading nook.

Designate a corner or space for books and periodicals. Place a comfortable chair, beanbag, or even pillows on the floor. Add a small bookcase or floating shelves on the wall to hold books, magazines, and other reading material. If you’re using library books, hang a calendar on the wall to keep up with return dates. Encourage your child to use the space by joining them to read there from time to time.


2. Choose inexpensive, washable bedspreads.

You don’t want to invest so much money in bed coverings that you’re constantly fussing at kids to keep their shoes, pens, and art supplies off the bed. Select reasonably priced bedspreads or duvet covers that can easily be tossed in the washing machine when the inevitable stains and spills happen and save your decorating dollars for window treatments, dust ruffles, and furniture instead.


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3. Showcase collections.

If your child collects rocks, shells, miniature cars, or other objects, help them proudly display them in their room. Create an inexpensive shadow box that you’ve repurposed from a cardboard container. Simply cut one side from the box and let your child decorate the inside with paint, markers, or crayon. Display the collection by grouping the items on the bottom or gluing the objects to the inside.


4. Use stencils to decorate and customize walls and furniture.

Stencils are a creative, low-cost way to personalize a room. You can buy pre-made stencils or cut your own. Use them on walls in lieu of pricey wallpaper, or to make borders. You can also use a stencil to create monograms on walls or furniture.


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5 .Hang garlands.

String together colorful pom-poms, paper chains, flowers, tassels, bunting, and other objects. Use twine, fishing line, or ribbon to connect the items. Hang the garlands over beds, windows, mirrors, or from the ceiling for a festive and fun decorating element.


6. Use chalk paint.

Easy to apply on walls, furniture, doors, picture frames, and other surfaces, chalk paint leaves a matte finish. Much like a blackboard, this finish can be written and drawn on with chalk to give your kids a creative outlet.


7. Go vintage.

Include some family childhood heirlooms in the room, or search garage sales and flea markets for classic children’s toys and decorations. Your attic, basement, or storage areas might yield some fun items, too.


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to let a child put their stamp on their room is to let him or her choose the color scheme. Talk about their favorite colors by looking through books or visiting a paint store to look at swatches. Choose two or three complementary shades and start incorporating those hues into the room.