5 Fall Home Trends

There’s just something about fall that makes spending time at home even more desirable. Cooler temperatures and the start of the holiday season can entice us to cozy up at home and share autumn foods like chili, apple cider, and pumpkin pie. If you’re hoping to spend more time at home this fall, you may be looking for ways to improve your living spaces. Here are some trends to consider:



1. Outdoor heaters

When homeowners began expanding their outdoor living spaces, outdoor heaters began growing in popularity. The ability to warm porches, patios, decks, and other exterior areas expand the time that households can enjoy using those living spaces. In some climates, outdoor heaters enable people to be outside virtually all year long.  Usually, in an umbrella or mushroom shape, most outdoor heaters are propane or electric. The size and type needed are often determined by the area of the outdoor living space to be heated, whether it’s covered, and the climate.


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2. Exterior lighting

Selections for exterior lighting have become decorating decisions as well as functional ones. Popular choices include landscape lighting, spotlights, gas lanterns, wall washes, spotlights, string lights, and path lights. Solar and LED bulb options help conserve energy and keep costs down.


3. Seasonal decorations

Holiday décor is no longer limited to one jolly season. Halloween and fall décor has become increasingly popular and the trend shows no sign of receding. In addition to seasonal wreaths, baskets, sprays, signs, and flags, many homeowners do full outdoor fall displays with hay, mums, pumpkins, and gourds. Interior decorations often include fall foliage, candles, tablescapes, and autumn flowers.


4. Outdoor televisions

As you cook and gather outdoors this fall, why not watch your favorite team or a movie at the same time? Outdoor, weather-resistant televisions and outdoor technology enclosures are a rising trend that takes outdoor living spaces to new entertainment levels. Televisions designed for the outdoors resist moisture, humidity, condensation, and bugs. Outdoor enclosures or cabinets help protect standard televisions and media devices, as well as help keep them secure.


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5. Haven bedrooms

Homeowners are looking at their bedrooms as more than a place to sleep and store clothes. Creating a serene, restful, and inviting environment with space for reading, hobbies, exercise, or watching television has become more of a priority. Homeowners who are keeping pace with this trend are including comfortable sitting spaces, desks, attractive lighting, and spa-like linens, and decorative touches in their bedrooms.


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