5 Ways to Improve Your Listing Presentations

Have you gotten into a listing presentation rut? It’s easy to do when you’ve been busy serving clients and closing deals. Putting together listing presentations can become routine and boring unless you shake it up occasionally by trying new things and raising the bar. Here are five ways to make your listing presentations even better and more effective:




1. Spend More Time On Photos

You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional photographer to get attractive and enticing listing photos, but you do need to spend time taking and organizing the pictures. Work with your client to determine what time of day is best for photographing each room. Take lots of shots and different angles of each space. Rearrange furniture, if needed, to make rooms look spacious and inviting. Focus on architectural details and features that make the home special and unique. Use editing software programs to crop and lighten or darken photos. Be sure to include plenty of exterior shots of the home, especially those of attractive outdoor spaces and landscaping. It’s usually best to arrange the photos in the order that potential buyers would likely tour the home.


2. Be Descriptive

Your listing presentations need to include more than just the basic facts and room measurements of a property. Use expressive words to depict the property that helps potential buyers imagine what it would be like to live there. Choose strong adjectives and avoid overused real estate terminology. Properly describe the architectural style and décor of the home. Mention the biggest advantages and selling points of the property early in the listing description. Be sure to mention upgrades and any upscale features or finishes throughout the home.


3. Add video

Complement your listing photographs with video footage of the property. Video can help give potential buyers a better perspective of the layout of homes as well as the scale of rooms. It can also help show off the home’s exterior and landscaping.


4. Describe the area

The neighborhood and area of town that a home is in can be important to potential buyers. Be sure to list or show amenities such as nearby parks, schools, restaurants, shopping, public transportation, and entertainment. If there’s a neighborhood association or regular neighborhood events, be sure to mention those. It’s also a good idea to include some information and graphics about the advantages of living in your town and geographic location for buyers who may be relocating to the area.


5. Set The Listing Apart

Highlight anything that sets the listing apart from other homes on the market, such as an HSASM home warranty.  In addition to helping sellers protect their equity investment during the listing period, HSA coverage gives listings a powerful marketing tool and competitive edge and can help reassure potential buyers. Include a photo of the HSA home warranty placard, sign, or logo in your listing presentations to show prospective buyers that this valuable coverage is included. For information about the value of HSA home warranties and how to add them to listings, contact your HSA Account Manager or visit onlinehsa.com.