How to Use Holidays to Market

Holidays can be busy times, both professionally and personally, for real estate agents. In an effort to make time for seasonal tasks and festivities, it can be tempting to put marketing efforts on the back burner. Suspending marketing activities can be a mistake because the holidays are a great time for agents to market themselves and their listings. Here are some ideas:



  • Holiday cards and postcards are a great way to connect with former, present, and potential clients. Adding a handwritten note on each one personalizes your message and makes an even bigger impression. If you don’t have time to mail cards, send your holiday greetings by email.


  • Hold a holiday open house at your home or office for past clients, potential clients, colleagues, and network partners. If you want to keep expenses down, schedule the gathering in the morning and serve coffee, tea, juice, donuts, pastries, and fruit.


  • Show pictures of listings that are tastefully decorated for the holidays. Seeing a home all decked out and looking festive can be appealing to potential buyers.


  • Give out holiday candy and refreshments at open houses and home tours. Compile a playlist of favorite holiday music to play in the background.


  • Purchase ads and sponsorships for local seasonal events, such as holiday markets, festivals, concerts, and light displays. Email invitations to your contact list to publicize the event and to announce your participation.


  • Use social media to share tips for holiday safety, cooking, and entertaining. Include holiday graphics in all your posts.


  • Participate in a holiday charity event. In addition to helping, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people who care about the same things you do while expanding your contact list.


  • Send holiday gifts or gift cards to people who have sent you referrals during the year. Let them know how much you appreciate their recommendations and encourage them to remember you in the coming year, too.


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