Home Color Trends For 2021

As a real estate professional who sees a lot of homes during showings and online, you’ve probably seen it all when it comes to home décor choices. Knowing what colors are trending can help you anticipate what buyers may be looking for in the near future and what sellers may need to change. This information may even help inform the choices you make for your own home. Here are some popular colors in current home design:



  • While white kitchens are still sought after by many buyers, a growing trend is adding a pop of color to islands, cabinets, or backsplashes to help brighten and anchor the space. Many homeowners even opt for two-tone cabinetry with white or a light wood stain on top cabinets and a color on the bottom tier.


  • Earthy and natural tones are prevalent choices for bathrooms, creating a spa-like aesthetic. Light wood stains, brown trims, and green accents in floors and tiles combine to create a relaxing and rejuvenating ambiance in master and guest baths.


  • Metallic colors are being seen more in appliances, furnishings, backsplashes, hardware, and even walls. In addition to traditional chrome and gold tones, bronzes, coppers, and champagne are increasingly integrated into home design.


  • Wallpaper has made a resurgence, this time in colorful, bold patterns. Instead of wallpapering an entire room, wall coverings are often used for accent walls in bedrooms and dining rooms. In addition to being less costly, papering just one wall lets homeowners make a brave statement without going overboard.


  • Instead of choosing just one or two exterior colors, homeowners are increasingly choosing additional contrasting colors to paint exterior details, such as doors, trim, windows, and architectural details.


  • Black has become a popular accent color for interior trim, woodwork, doors, railings, and even accent walls. Homeowners can choose from matte or high-gloss finishes, depending on the mood they wish to create.


  • Basic white ceiling paint sales may be declining as more people opt for color above. Painting ceilings one shade lighter than walls creates a sophisticated feeling for living rooms, entries, offices, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Some designers opt for a contrasting color on ceilings, such as a dusty blue-gray ceiling with peach walls for a master bedroom or a hot pink ceiling with light pink walls for a nursery.


  • If homeowners like bright colors but are hesitant to commit to painting an entire room, they can simply choose bold accent colors. Think white or gray walls with bright pops of jewel tones in lamps, vases, pillows, and accessories. The trend of neutral walls with brightly colored artwork can also achieve the same effect.


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