6 Tips for Selling Homes in Summer

If you’re looking forward to the summer selling season with optimism, you have good reason. There are many advantages for your clients to buy and sell real estate during the summer months, which can translate into opportunities for you to grow your business. Consider these six summer selling points:



  1. For households with children, completing real estate transactions during summer and before the new school year is often desirable. If the real estate purchase requires a change of schools, it’s easier for many children and parents to switch during the summer break and start afresh in the new term. It’s also often easier for families to pack and move without strict school schedules to follow.


  1. For many adults, businesses and careers may slow down in the summer, giving buyers more time to search for properties, complete transactions, and move or relocate. Clients may feel less stressed and more decisive without as many professional pressures. Milder weather can mean that more people and families are out and about to notice For Sale signs and attend open houses.


  1. During the Covid-19 pandemic, people have spent significantly more time at home, isolating and working remotely or attending school virtually. For buyers, this may have helped crystalize what they truly want and need in a home. For sellers, the extra time may have confirmed that it’s time to move on to another property. Both groups likely garnered a renewed appreciation for their homes and new ideas for ways to use their space.


  1. Lawns and landscaping are typically at their peak growth during summer months which can enhance curb appeal, making it a good time to sell. In the green, lush summer environment, outdoor entertaining spaces may look particularly inviting, enticing to buyers.


  1. As the summer selling season draws to a close, sellers may be motivated to complete transactions before the fall. This could prompt sellers to be more open to offers and create opportunities for buyers to get good deals and for agents to close transactions.


  1. Home warranties can be big selling points during summer months when many parts of the country are dependent on-air conditioning systems for comfort. An HSAhome warranty can help protect a seller’s home equity investment during the listing period and may help protect their out-of-pocket expenses from covered breakdowns of components of systems and appliances while the home is on the market. HSA coverage also offers a solution for finding reliable service professionals for covered malfunctions, such as when an air conditioning component breaks down before a showing. HSA home warranty protection can give you and your sellers a powerful marketing tool and competitive edge while helping promote buyer confidence in making the purchase.

To help you make the most out of the summer selling season, it can be a good idea to increase your direct marketing efforts in promoting your services and advertising your listings. You should also consider stepping up your social media presence to make sure you’re reaching potential clients who may be thinking about buying or selling this summer.