Creating Authentic Content for Homebuyers

Do you want your marketing and social media content to capture the attention of homebuyers and provide useful information for your clients? The key to doing that is to focus on making your messages genuine and real. While being professional and accurate is always a goal, it’s also important for clients and potential clients to see you as authentic, approachable, and relatable. Here are some ways to do that:



Be yourself.

Whether you’re writing a brochure or recording a video, concentrate less on how you think you “should” sound and focus instead on simply being who you are. People who focus on maintaining a certain image can often come across as forced, insincere, or stuffy. It’s a much better approach to be as relaxed and natural as you possibly can.


Communicating in writing or on-screen doesn’t always come easily.

When you’re creating print content, write several drafts of a message and then edit the wording. Ask trusted colleagues or friends to review your writing and offer suggestions. Rehearse video messages several times before you press the record button. Try using both a full script and talking points to see which works for your style best.


Remember, it’s okay to be personal and to use humor in your content.

Clients want to get to know you as a person, and the real estate business is all about forging relationships. So, don’t hesitate to let your clients see a glimpse of the real you in your marketing materials and social media posts.


Use your own experience to come up with topics.

What do you often see your buyers struggling with? What are your buyers’ major concerns right now? What do today’s buyers want in a home? When you bought your home, what were your pain points? Drawing upon your own experience is the best way to know what topics will best appeal to your audience.


Survey your buyers to create useful content.

Ask former clients what they wish they had known before entering the real estate transaction process. What was the hardest part for them? How could any stressful experiences have been lessened or avoided altogether? What type of information helped them the most?


Give them value. In addition to being useful, you want the content you provide to have worth to your clients.

Sharing valuable information is a great way to show clients that you care about them and want their real estate transaction to be a good experience. For example, telling buyers about the many advantages of HSA home warranty coverage can help them feel reassured about their property purchase. Buyers can enjoy their home and budget instead of worrying about unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs or replacement of covered home system and appliance components, subject to contract limitations and exclusions.


Remember, nobody knows your market and your client base as well as you do. Instead of paying attention to what other real estate professionals are doing and saying, concentrate on what you sense your buyers need to hear from you. When it comes to developing authentic topics and content, your own experience and instincts can be your best guide.