11 DIYs to Get Yard Ready for Summer Entertaining

For many homeowners, outdoor living spaces are where family and friends gather to enjoy warm summer days and breezy evenings together. Whether your alfresco gathering spot is a porch, patio, deck, pool, garden, fire pit, or rooftop, getting it prepped and ready for use is a sure sign that summer fun is near. Here are some ways to make your yard and outdoor space inviting and appealing:



1. Clear leaves and debris from your lawn, flower beds, sidewalks, gutters, and hard surface areas.


2. Pressure wash sidewalks, pool decks, patios, screens, brick, stone, and outdoor furniture to remove dirt, grime, stains, pollen, and mildew.


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3. Seed or sod areas of your yard that are bare or sparse. Make a plan for eliminating weeds and apply fertilizer to encourage strong turf growth and longevity.


4. Plant flowers in beds, pots, and borders for splashes of color and texture throughout your outdoor space.


5. Make sure you have adequate, comfortable seating. Check outdoor cushions to see if they need cleaning or replacing.


6. Clean your grill and check to make sure it’s in good working order. Inspect your grill accessories and utensils to see if any need sanitizing or replacing before their first use of the season.


7. Trim shrubbery back from your outdoor space and away from walkways, windows, entrances, and grilling areas.


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8. Establish a watering schedule to keep your yard green, lush, and healthy all summer.


9. Make sure your outdoor gathering spot has adequate shade during the day from trees, outdoor umbrellas, covered designs, or overhangs.


10. Upgrade exterior lighting for evening entertaining. Install landscape lighting or string some twinkle lights for illumination and ambiance. Consider solar lighting for energy savings.


11. Offer guests a selection of outdoor games, such as croquet, bocce ball, cornhole, and frisbee. If you have a swimming pool, keep a supply of floats and water toys on hand. For younger children, a supply of washable sidewalk chalk can keep little hands busy and creative.


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