8 Art Ideas for Dining Rooms

Dining rooms can be challenging to decorate, particularly when it comes to artwork. There are often large, expansive walls to fill and different vantage points to consider. Whether you have a formal dining room or a more casual style, the art you choose should reflect your design aesthetic as well as your personality. Here are some ideas to help spark inspiration for your space:



1. Menus

A fun decorating idea is to frame menus that you’ve collected from favorite restaurants and eateries that you’ve visited in your hometown and during your travels. In addition to reflecting a food and dining theme, different menus can be visually appealing when grouped with a range of styles, colors, and shapes.


2. Vacation photos

Create a gallery wall with photos of people and places from your trips. Choose similar frames and mattes to tie them all together. The photos can also serve as great dinner conversation starters.


3. Mirror

A large framed mirror can fill a large wall as it reflects light from windows and overhead light fixtures. The reflections can help spaces look bigger and make your family and guests the “artwork.”  Mirrors can also be positioned to reflect views from the opposite direction.


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4. Children’s artwork

Showcase youthful masterpieces by framing them and displaying the art for your dinner guests to enjoy. Often colorful and creative, children’s artwork can add a whimsical, imaginative touch to sometimes stuffy dining spaces.


5. Books

Lining shelves with books can be both practical and artistic, especially if you’re an avid reader. The library feel can create a warm and inviting dining room while expanding the book storage space in your home. Continue the theme by using books on the table to hold centerpieces and candlesticks.


6. Vintage china

Instead of leaving your grandmother’s porcelain to collect dust in a cabinet, use plate hangers to display it on your dining room wall. If you don’t have any heirloom dinnerware, search for unique pieces at flea markets, garage sales, and antique stores.


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7. Architectural renderings

Blueprints and other drawings make interesting art displays when framed. Use plans from building your own home, a family house, or drafts of historical structures.


8. Maps

One large map or a grouping of maps can be an interesting dining room display. The maps can be of your hometown or maybe from cities or countries that you’ve visited or wish to visit. Geographic and topography maps can also have interesting textures and colors.


Because low lighting is often used in dining rooms to create ambiance, you may want to install special picture lights or accent lights in the ceiling to help feature your artwork. Track lighting may also be a good option for some dining rooms and give you flexibility for future lighting needs.