5 Creative Ways to Improve Your Home’s Design With Art

Choosing art for your home can be intimidating, especially for large spaces with expansive walls. Sizeable paintings, prints, and other hanging artwork can be expensive to purchase and to frame. Instead of searching for one large piece to hang, why not consider a grouping of smaller pieces instead? Here are five creative ideas for art groupings.



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A grouping of prints can make an interesting art display, especially when the prints are of the same subject. Botanical prints are always classic, and animal prints can provide a touch of whimsy to a room. You can also choose prints related to a cherished hobby, such as golfing, bicycling, fishing, or horseback riding. Architectural blueprints can also be handsome when hung together. Consider the same framing and matting for all the prints for a finished look.



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A collection of favorite photos can make a warm, personal artwork display. Choose favorite family photos from the present or generations past. Travel photos from the same destination or different locales can be visually pleasing as well as conversation starters. Using the same frame can tie together the various photos and complement the rest of the room. It’s generally best to decide to include all black-and-white or all color photos instead of mixing the two.



For a particularly striking display, group a variety of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. For this grouping, you don’t have to worry about the objects having the same or similar frames. Different frames and edges can add interest and texture to the mirror grouping. The reflected light from the mirrors can bring brightness and depth to a room for a bonus. You can even mix mirrors from different styles and periods for added flair.  



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You may not have to look any further than your china cabinet for an attractive art grouping. Plates, trays, and even saucers can make charming arrangements. Choose china all in the same pattern for a coordinated look, or mix and match for a more eclectic style. You can find spring-loaded plate hangers at many hardware and home stores.


Children’s Artwork

Another creative idea is to frame a collage of children’s paintings or drawings. Kids’ artwork is usually colorful and often bold, which can add vibrancy and energy to a room. Unify the artwork by framing the pieces in the same manner, even if they are different sizes. In addition to making a creative grouping, you’ll also be preserving cherished childhood memories.


When hanging groupings, arrangement and spacing is important. It’s generally best to hang larger pieces toward the center and have the same distance between the top, bottom, and sides of uniformly sized pieces. Use graph paper to plot your arrangement before hanging, or place the pieces on the floor near the chosen wall to find the best layout.