5 Ways to Amp Up Your Entry

When visitors step into your home’s entry, what are their first impressions? Do they feel warmly welcomed? Do they get a sense of your personality and your style? Do they feel they are stepping into a harmonious space, or do they see clutter and chaos? If your home’s entry could use some improvements, here are five ways to amp it up:


Stylish hallway interior with mirror and hanger stand


1. Fixtures

If your entry has an overhead fixture, use it as a decorating opportunity to set the stage for the rest of your home.  If the fixture is outdated, replace it with one in a more current style. Be sure to select a design that is appropriate for the scale of the space, and in a finish that coordinates or complements your décor and furnishings. Chandeliers and lantern fixtures are traditional entry lighting choices, but sconces and lamps can also add an appealing glow. Putting the lighting on a dimmer switch allows you to adjust the level according to the time of day and the ambiance you wish to create.


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2. Rug

Entries are a great place for rug selections to shine. The rug doesn’t have to cover the entire floor, so select a size that leaves a border of flooring around it. Whether you choose a sedate pattern or a bold design, it’s usually best to avoid light colors that can show tracked-in dirt easily. There are many washable rug styles on the market today, which you might want to consider if your entry gets a lot of kid or pet traffic.


3. Walls

Changing your entry’s walls is probably the best way to change the room’s overall look. Whether you choose to paint or to wallpaper, you can select colors to enhance the rest of your home or pick bolder colors to make a statement. Walls can also be improved by the addition of crown molding, wainscoting, or chair rails, which can be painted or stained.  Adding decorative switch plates and electrical plate covers can also add a customized, elegant touch to entry walls.


4. Artwork

When it comes to entry artwork, less is usually more. Instead of covering the walls with several small paintings, prints, or photos, try choosing one or two larger pieces to feature.  Large mirrors also often work well in entries by reflecting light and providing a place for one last hair and wardrobe check before leaving the house.


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5. Front door

Replacing, repainting, or re-staining your front door can make a big impact on your entry, too.  Because the front door is visible from the back, its condition and color are noticeable when people enter. If your entry is dark, consider replacing your door with one that has glass or sidelights to let sunshine in. This simple swap can make a big difference in the lighting inside your entry and may even make the space seem larger. You can also change the color or stain on just the back of the door to match the woodwork and décor of your entry’s walls, floors, and woodwork.


Remember that little things can make a big difference in entries. Add details like a guest book, a convenient tray for keys and sunglasses, or a candle to an entry tabletop to complete the décor. A coat rack in the corner gives visitors and family members a place to hang wraps or leave umbrellas. With a few finishing touches, you’ll have an inviting entry that people won’t want to leave.