Five Things That Can Make a House Look Outdated

Whether you’re thinking about putting your house on the market or just want to make improvements, identifying features that may make your house appear outdated is an excellent first step. Modernizing elements that are out of style can be a good way to prioritize home projects and can also add appeal to your property. If you’ve lived in a house for a long time or are sentimentally attached, it may be a good idea to ask friends and family for their unbiased and honest opinions. These five features may be making your home look dated and tired:


Old looking furnished kitchen with tiles flooring in an apartment


1. Light fixtures

Start outside your home, and take an impartial look at the exterior lights at your entrances and garage. Are they in good condition? Are they in scale and proportion to their surroundings? Do they provide ample light? Are the fixtures similar to styles that you see in newer homes? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” perhaps it’s time for a change. Do the same exercise inside your home, taking an inventory of ceiling fixtures and sconces, as well as kitchen and bathroom lighting. Florescent lighting and outdated overhead lights, in particular, can detract from a home’s good qualities. Changing out light fixtures is a relatively inexpensive, easy way to update a home while exercising your creativity and style.

2. Appliances 

Older appliances that are visibly worn, dirty, or have outdated finishes and colors can detract from a home and possibly decrease its value. Colors such as harvest gold, turquoise, and avocado green can be dead giveaways that the home hasn’t been updated in decades. When replacing appliances, be sure to carefully measure cabinet openings, counter depths, wall spaces, ceilings, power sources, and door clearances for accurate fits.  ENERGY STAR certified appliances help consumers save money on operating costs by reducing energy use without sacrificing performance.

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3. Wall and paint colors

While individual decorating tastes are varied and wide-ranging, some colors can make a house look stuck in the past. Paint is another relatively simple and affordable way to brighten a home, so if your walls are dark, dingy, or dated, make a change. Trendy wall and trim colors include shades of white, gray, cream, and beige, as well as muted blues and greens. When choosing paint colors, consider the amount of natural light each room receives as well as the lighting from lamps and overhead fixtures.

4. Flooring

Flooring is another aspect that can either age a home or make it stylish. Some flooring materials, like hardwood and marble, are timeless and can often be refinished instead of replaced. Consider replacing any dirty carpet, shag carpet, or tile flooring that is chipped, scratched, or in outdated colors. Old linoleum can be swapped for ceramic tile, hardwood, or today’s newer vinyl styles.

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5. Window treatments

Heavy, elaborate window treatments are often considered old-fashioned and fussy, and ornate shades and aluminum mini-blinds can look outmoded. Consider using lighter, sheer fabrics for draperies and simple rods, or choose woven wood shades, fabric roman shades, or interior shutters instead. 

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