5 Ways to Wake Up a Bedroom

Is your bedroom putting you to sleep long before it’s time to go to bed? Even though it’s the room where you probably spend the most hours of the day, bedrooms too often get the short end of the stick when it comes to decorating. If your bedroom is boring you, here are five ways to wake it up:  



Luxurious Bright Bedroom With Comfortable King Size Bed In Expensive Residential Mansion Interior. Modern Concept For Lifestyle With Cozy Furniture And Comfort



1. Color

People tend to choose monochromatic or restful hues for bedroom decorating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Paint your bedroom a bold color, or change your bedding and pillow covers to brighter shades. If you’re hesitant to take such a big decorating leap, then introduce pops of color into the room with lively colored pillows, lampshades, and accessories. Electric blue, sunny yellow, vivid orange, and shocking pink are good accent colors to enliven your space.


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2. Lighting

Overhead lighting alone in a bedroom isn’t very interesting and may not provide sufficient illumination for all your needs. Add lamps to end tables and dressers for softer, glowing light or hang adjustable reading lamps beside the bed. Floor lamps can brighten dark bedroom corners. Consider attaching a chandelier or other decorative light fixture over the bed for a custom look. Dimmer switches for overhead lighting and lamps enable you to adjust the lighting level to correspond to your needs or allow you to wake up slowly as your eyes adjust to the morning light. 


3. Window treatments

Switching up your bedroom window treatments can add pizzazz and functionality to the space. When selecting bedroom window treatments, privacy and light blocking should be major considerations. Draperies and roman shades with blackout linings are good choices, as they can be opened during the day to let light in and closed or lowered at other times. Shutters with wide slats and wooden blinds are also practical and appealing.


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4. Rug

Adding a rug to the bedroom can incorporate a decorative element and a practical component. On cold mornings and evenings, having a warm rug beneath your feet will a welcome luxury. You can also coordinate the rug’s color and design to complement and enhance your bedroom’s décor.


5. Sounds and Senses

In addition to visual improvements, think about other ways to awaken your senses. Set up a small stereo or Bluetooth speaker in your bedroom for soft music in the evening and news or podcasts in the morning. Scented candles or essential oil diffusers can fill the room with pleasant fragrances, such as lavender, which enhances sleep quality for many. A dish of peppermints or hard candy can provide an evening treat.

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