Make your own potpourri

Potpourri can be expensive, but it doesn’t need to be. Even if a bag isn’t pricey, if you have the right key ingredients, you can make your own potpourri. In colder months, the warm smell of vanilla and cinnamon potpourri can make any home feel inviting; in spring and summer, floral-scented potpourri will bring the scents of outdoors inside. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make your own potpourri for your own home or to give away as a gift.

1. Gather Supplies
Plant parts, aromatics and essential oils are the main ingredients you’ll need for your potpourri mix. You can pick up plants from a nursery, or you can round up the family for a nature walk and collect interesting leaves, stems, bark, flower petals and pinecones you see along the way. You might also consider using things like orange peels, dried apple slices, cloves and cinnamon sticks in your mix, especially if you’re aiming for an autumn or winter scent.

2. Dry Your Plants
Once you have your fresh supplies, the drying process will take about two weeks. Make sure to designate a safe, dry environment for your potpourri ingredients where they won’t be disturbed. String up flowers upside down for even drying. Spread sticks, leaves and bark out on a drying rack or in a strainer that can provide even drying. Check on your potpourri every few days to ensure that it’s drying properly.

3. Add Oils
Once your natural ingredients are dry, adding your choice essential oil to the mix is next. Break off flower tips, sticks and any larger parts for a consistent size of individual potpourri pieces. Put two cups of your mix in a plastic bag and add a few drops of oil in the scent of your choosing. Shake up the bag, and your product is ready for use or gifting!

4. Package for Gifting
Packaging your homemade potpourri is easy. Purchase transparent package bags and tags from your local craft store, fill them with potpourri and top with a bow. Once you have mastered your signature scents, share your potpourri with friends and family as holiday and birthday gifts. Some nice packaging and a note that the potpourri was made by you with love will make your gift even more special.