Zoom Dos and Don’ts

If you’re like most real estate professionals, you’re likely using Zoom and other video conferencing tools more than ever. Growing in popularity during 2020, when many business people worked from home as they isolated during the Covid-19 pandemic, video conferencing platforms remain popular today for the convenience and time-saving benefits they provide for agents and clients alike. When you Zoom, it’s important to remember some important video conferencing etiquette. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind:



  • Do prepare for Zoom conferences just like you would for in-person meetings. Do your research, organize your thoughts, and make sure you have all the information you need for a productive session.


  • Do preview what’s in the background of your screen. Make sure what others can see behind you is neat and presents a professional image.


  • Do introduce/identify yourself at the beginning of the call. Say a few words about why you’re participating in the call and your goals for the meeting.


  • Do mute your device when you aren’t talking. This will help you and others hear more clearly and without distractions.


  • Do make sure your device is charged and/or plugged into an electrical source. It can be frustrating if your screen suddenly goes black during an important segment of the meeting.


  • Do clean your camera lens regularly to remove any dust and debris that could prevent clear pictures. Follow your device’s manufacturing instructions for proper cleaning.


  • Do correct glare and shadows. Close blinds and window treatments if needed and turn off lamps that are interfere with images. Remember that glare can change throughout the day, so you may need to adjust as the sun moves.


  • Do apologize if you join the conference late. A simple statement acknowledging your tardiness is respectful and polite.


  • Do take notes, particularly about any points you want to make when it’s your turn to talk.


  • Do pay attention when others are talking. Avoid staring off into space or looking at materials on your desk.


  • Don’t get too close to the screen. Sit back enough from the screen so that people can see at least your neck and shoulders.


  • Don’t eat during a Zoom conference. Taking discreet sips of a beverage is generally acceptable but avoid munching on noisy foods while participating in a conference.


  • Don’t let pets interrupt and distract during a conference. Secure pets away from your device during calls so they can’t be heard and remember to keep that mute button engaged when you’re not talking.


  • Don’t interrupt when others are speaking. Instead, note any points you wish to remember and wait until the person has finished before you speak.


  • Don’t go off-topic for long. While it’s fine to chat while waiting for others to join the conference, or to share some personal information occasionally, remember that everyone is attending for business purposes, and you don’t want to waste their time.


  • Don’t accept cell phone calls or respond to text messages when you’re on a video conference. In fact, it’s best to mute your cell phone notifications until the conference is finished.


  • Don’t miss out on important information to share in your Zoom calls. Contact your HSA Account Manager for professional marketing tools and materials to help make your Zoom presentations interesting and useful. Your Account Manager will also be glad to answer any questions about the many advantages of home warranty protection for buyers, sellers, and agents.