How to Angle Sellers’ Market Conditions

For much of 2022, strong sellers’ market conditions reigned supreme in many parts of the country. As a real estate professional, it’s important to remain agile and to be able to respond to and leverage market conditions to the best advantage for you and your clients. Here are some tips for getting an angle in a sellers’ market:




Tell Clients What To Expect

Ask buyers and sellers about their previous experiences with real estate deals, and help them understand how transactions in the current market might play out differently. Have the most current comparable sales and time-on-market figures available for them to see. Explain to buyers how mortgage pre-approvals could help them move quickly or stand out in multiple offer situations.



Stay in close touch with colleagues about market conditions and get the scoop on when new listings might be available. Find out what kind of offers might appeal to certain sellers and how you can help your buyers stand out in the crowd of interested buyers.


Help buyers prioritize

When homes are moving fast, and for higher prices, buyers need to know what is most important to them. Working out ahead of time what they are and are not willing to compromise on can save valuable time – and frustration – during high-stress, multiple-offer situations. Ask buyers to prioritize their wish list and to agree beforehand about what might be negotiable.


Preach and practice patience

It may take your buyers to find a suitable property in low inventory markets and even longer to have an offer accepted. Go over likely timeframes with them and reassure clients that you’re with them for the long haul to help their homeownership dreams come through. Setting a positive tone yourself will help clients remain optimistic, too.


Be prepared

Things can move quickly for real estate professionals, with multiple offers coming in at once. Make sure you have all the time-saving tools at your disposal, including an HSA Partner Portal Account. With Partner Portal, you can easily and efficiently manage clients’ home warranty plans, including entering new home warranty orders from a mobile device or desktop. You can also send escrow invoices and order confirmations, and easily view, download, and share marketing collateral.


With HSA home warranties in place, your clients enjoy more confidence in their home purchase plus peace of mind during a stressful time, especially if contingencies or inspections are waived.

For sellers, HSA home warranties help protect the home equity investment during the listing period and may help protect out-of-pocket expenses from covered breakdowns while properties are on the market. HSA home warranty protection also offers clients a solution for quickly finding reliable service professionals for covered repairs when showings and transactions are moving swiftly. For agents, HSA home warranties can help prevent post-sale disputes because buyers can call HSA with covered system and appliance failures, reducing agent post-closing involvement and lessening liability and stress for real estate professionals. To let HSA save you time so you can move on to your next sale, contact your HSA Account Manager or visit today.