Why Do You Need HSA?

You already know why your clients need the value, protection, and advantages of HSA home warranty coverage. Are you as knowledgeable about why real estate professionals like yourself need HSA, too? HSA home warranties offer specific benefits for agents as well as a winning edge to help build long-term client relationships, repeat business, and referrals. Here are some important reasons why you need HSA:



Ease post-closing worries

When your clients choose HSA home warranty coverage, your post-closing involvement can be reduced, lessening your liability and stress over post-sale disputes. That’s because when a covered item breaks down, clients can call HSA for help instead of calling you. HSA’s comprehensive plans and a service network of more than 15,000 service professionals gives your clients a reliable resource that’s available 24/7.


Increase client satisfaction

When your clients know they have the budget protection that HSA home warranties provide and don’t have to worry about the expenses associated covered breakdowns after deals close, they are more likely to be happy with their purchase and the service you provided.


Save time

As a real estate professional, your time is valuable. HSA home warranty protection enables you to move on to your next sale, knowing that your clients have the protection and peace of mind they need.


Business development

HSA can help you promote your business more effectively with complimentary professionally designed marketing materials and help from knowledgeable HSA Account Managers.


Service excellence

When you share the value of HSA home warranties with clients, you show that you have their best interests in mind even after deals close. HSA home warranties can help you differentiate the service you provide from others in your market, helping you win more listings and build a larger client network.


Partner Portal

An HSA Partner Portal Account is a timesaving tool that helps agents easily and efficiently manage clients’ home warranty plans. With Partner Portal, you can quickly enter new home warranty orders from a mobile device or desktop, send escrow invoices and order confirmations, and easily view, download, and share marketing collateral.


Enjoy the same benefits as your clients

Did you know that HSA offers a $50 discount on primary agent-owned properties, investments, or second homes, as well as on the renewal of your current HSA home warranty? This means that real estate professionals receive the same valuable benefits as their clients while saving money. To take advantage of this special offer, simply call 800.367.1448.