Getting to Know Your Neighbors

Busy lifestyles, long commutes, and spending time on screens and devices can leave little time and motivation for getting to know our neighbors. Making an effort to meet neighbors can be well worth your time and energy by forming new relationships and adding a new dimension to homeownership. If you’d like to be more neighborly, here are some easy ways to start:



Introduce yourself.

Don’t wait for neighbors to make the first move. Take time to stop and chat with neighbors when you see them passing your home, going to the mailbox, or working in the yard.  Be the first to welcome new neighbors when they move in, and offer to introduce them to others who live nearby. Simply smiling and waving to neighbors when you see them sends a warm and friendly message.


Spend time outside.

Being out and about gives you more opportunities to see your neighbors and to stop and chat. Instead of turning on the television after dinner, sit outside or work in your yard. Take walks and bike rides around the block or to your local park. If you see a familiar face, take the time to introduce yourself and start a conversation.


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Do something nice.

Rake or mow an elderly neighbor’s yard, take a young family a basket of muffins or a plate of cookies, or send a card to someone who’s been ill. These small gestures can be the beginnings of long-lasting relationships and friendships.


Plan a neighborhood event.

Take the lead and organize a neighborhood potluck dinner, a picnic lunch, or a dog or bicycle parade. Your goal isn’t to do all the work yourself but to enlist other neighbors to help with the event and get to know each other in the process. Communicate the event and invite others to join by leaving door hangers and signs around the neighborhood.



Start a Facebook neighborhood group, or connect on other social media platforms. Share neighborhood news, photos, gardening tips, security bulletins, and updates on community issues. Encourage neighbors to also share family milestones and professional achievements to help learn about each other.


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Invite neighbors over.

Opening the door to your home is a meaningful way to get to know your neighbors and to help them get to know each other. It doesn’t have to be a fancy event to be successful. Host a morning coffee with simple pastries and fruits, an evening pizza party, or simply ask neighbors to drop by your backyard for a refreshing beverage in the afternoon.


Ask for help.

Reach out for assistance from your neighbors and let them know you’re eager and willing to reciprocate when they need help. Ask a reliable neighbor to pick up your mail and packages while you’re on vacation or to feed your pet when you’re late coming home. Borrow a garden tool and return it with a small gift card to a local café or shop. By asking neighbors for help and returning favors, you can start building relationships as well as a useful network for everyone.


Share referrals

A neighborhood network can be a great source of referrals for everything from plumbers to babysitters. For example, be sure to tell neighbors about the fantastic value and convenience your HSA home warranty provides. When they hear that HSA home warranties can help reduce out-of-pocket expenses for covered breakdowns and reduce the time and hassle of finding reliable service professionals, they’ll want the same protection for their own home. Tell them to visit for more information.