How to Make a House a Home

What’s the difference between a house and a home? Some say that a house is a place while a home is a place in our hearts. Others may point out that a house is the physical structure while a home is an emotional sanctuary. How homes are defined is as unique as each individual, but one thing remains constant. We all want to create a home that feels inviting, welcoming, and soothing. If you want to make your house more of a home, here are some suggestions:



Reflect Your Style

Whether your preference is modern or contemporary design, neutral palettes or bold color contrasts, traditional or eclectic, embrace your style throughout your home. Rather than choosing an entire room of furnishings from a showroom floor or a magazine spread, selecting things that appeal to you will inject warmth and personality into your home.


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In addition to reflecting your style, your home should give visitors insight into who you are. Incorporate elements from your hobbies, interests, and travels into rooms. Frame photographs that feature people and places that are important to you. Include accessories and art that appeal to you and that bring you joy.


Bring in history

Incorporating items from the past can give homes instant character. Family photographs of previous generations, old diplomas, handmade quilts, and art from your childhood home can lend familiarity as well as tell a visual story. Historical objects about the house, neighborhood, or city, such as blueprints, renderings, newspaper articles, or architectural elements can also be used in decorating.


Cozy room arrangements

When creating a true home, the priority should be livable rooms instead of showy spaces. Choose comfortable, inviting furniture that’s built to last over trendy pieces Include lots of pillows, ottomans, throws, and other accessories that make rooms cozy. Position furniture for maximum comfort, ease of movement, and traffic flow. Add lamps for soft light and for reading and task lighting.


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Entice all the senses

We often put a lot of emphasis on visual elements of a home and can overlook the other senses. To make your house a home, remember to include scented candles, potpourri, soaps, and sachets to pique the sense of smell and soft music or wind chimes for the ears. Strategically placed candy or fruit dishes can satisfy the sense of taste, while different textures used in fabrics, rugs, and accessories can be pleasing to the touch.


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