What Your Clients Wish You Knew

One of the things that make real estate such a fascinating career is that every client is different. Each person you work with brings different dreams, ideas, needs, personality, and expectations to the transaction. Even if you make every effort to get to know your clients, there may be some things they don’t verbalize for a variety of reasons.  Here are some of the thoughts clients may keep to themselves, but probably wish you knew:



This is a big deal for them.

Buying a home is a huge financial commitment for most people. There’s a lot on the line from an investment standpoint as well as budgeting concerns. Many clients feel a lot of pressure about making the right decisions for their fiscal health. It’s also important to remember that, while you handle real estate transactions every day, your clients don’t. The real estate transaction process can be intimidating even to clients who have bought and sold several homes.


They’re nervous.

In addition to the financial aspect, your clients are tasked with finding a home that’s the right fit for them. They may be worried about making the wrong decisions or about not being thorough. Your clients may have heard real estate horror stories from friends and family about deals that went bad or about homes that had post-closing issues. If you sense signs of apprehension from your clients, take the time to ask questions and find out how you can offer some reassurance.


They’re overwhelmed.

Moving is a lot to handle, especially with everything else your clients already have on their plates with work and family obligations. Add major financial decisions into the mix and you have the perfect storm for anxiety and stress. Clients can also become overwhelmed if they’ve looked at too many properties in a short time, or by the many steps involved in real estate transactions. Watch for signs that clients are stretching themselves a little thin or dealing with too much at once.


They’re emotionally invested.

Real estate is a business to you, but it may feel personal to buyers and sellers. Listing a house can be hard because of the memories attached and because of your clients’ connection to the property. When a buyer finds a property they like, they may feel an immediate attachment and start visualizing themselves living there. Remember that your clients may experience and express a wide range of emotions during the real estate transaction process.


They don’t know what they don’t know.

Real estate deals can be complex and confusing. Especially if your clients are first-time homebuyers, they may not realize how many different moving parts it takes to complete a transaction. That’s why it’s a good idea to sit down with your clients at the beginning and go over the different steps involved in buying or selling a home. This simple review will help you gauge their real estate knowledge so you can answer questions or supply them with more information.


They trust you to guide them.

Your clients chose you for a reason, and they value your experience and expertise. At various steps along the way, they will likely look to you for advice or guidance. Be prepared to steer them in the right direction by making suggestions that can help them in the long run, such as HSA home warranty coverage. An HSA home warranty can help safeguard both home buyers and sellers from the expense of covered home system and appliance components during the real estate transaction process. Helping clients understand how home warranties work can help you build greater trust and better relationships.


For more information about home warranties, contact your HSA Account Manager or visit onlinehsa.com.