Secrets to Selling a Home

Selling a home doesn’t have to be a mysterious process. Veteran real estate agents will likely tell you that there are usually some common denominators to listings that move quickly. By helping your clients understand some of these “secrets,” you can all be on the same page and working toward the same goal:



Price to entice

Starting with a realistic selling price, based on comparables and a solid market analysis, can help draw attention to the listing. The right price can spur interest and showing activity which can mean a larger pool of potential buyers. Conversely, placing an unrealistic selling price on a home may discourage interest.


Spiff it up

Even the most well-maintained homes likely need some freshening up before listing pictures are taken and showings begin. Decreasing clutter, organizing closets, touching up paint, and deep cleaning can all help homes appeal to buyers. In addition to the interior, make sure the property’s curb appeal is maximized, too, by cleaning or painting the front door, sweeping the walk, planting flowers, trimming landscape, and adding touches of warmth like a wreath or decorative doormat.


Set the stage

Even if your sellers don’t have professional staging help, they can help the rooms show better with some minor changes. Arrange furniture to make rooms look spacious, open window treatments to let light in, turn on lamps, put the thermostat on a comfortable setting, and add some welcoming flowers in the entry.


Help potential buyers see themselves living there

Go the extra step by placing an afghan over a comfortable chair, an open book on a bedside table, or set the table with colorful placemats and sparkling dishes. Put baked goods on a cake stand in the kitchen, and fold fluffy towels on the bathroom counter.


Say yes to showings

Last-minute showing requests can be frustrating for home sellers and agents alike, but the more showings you say yes to the higher your chances are of finding a buyer. Encourage your sellers to try to keep the home ready for showings at all times, just in case one pops up. And keep your calendar as flexible as possible in case you’re needed, too.


Spread the word

The more people who know about the listing, the better.  Share the listing on social media and ask your clients to do the same. Ask your followers, family, and friends to do the same. Include photos and video footage in every posting, as well as a listing description and property overview.


Include home warranty coverage

The addition of an HSA home warranty can be a valuable selling tool while helping to protect a seller’s home equity investment during the listing period. Home warranty coverage can give listings a competitive edge and help them stand out from others on the market. An HSA home warranty can also help reassure potential buyers, promote confidence, and add value to the transaction. HSA coverage may help protect sellers from covered system and appliance breakdown costs while the home is on the market, as well as offer a solution for quickly finding reliable professionals for covered malfunctions. For agents, warranty coverage can help prevent post-sale disputes and prompt buyers to call HSA when covered systems and appliances fail.


For more information about home warranties, contact your HSA Account Manager or visit