5 Practical Ways a Home Warranty Can Help

As a real estate professional, you already know that HSA home warranty coverage can bring value and important protection to every transaction. Did you also know that warranties can be helpful in some everyday scenarios, too?  Here are five examples of how home warranty coverage can provide practical solutions in real-life situations:



Your seller has an unexpected system breakdown with upcoming showing appointments.

Having a home on the market can be stressful enough even without the worry, inconvenience, and potential expense of a system malfunction. If your seller had HSA home warranty coverage, they’d have a quick solution for finding reliable service professionals for covered breakdowns, which could help preserve those showings. Warranty protection might also help protect your seller from out-of-pocket expenses from covered breakdowns while the home is on the market, as well as help protect their home equity investment during the listing period.


You show a property that prospective buyers like, but they express reservations about the systems and appliances.

Home warranty coverage could provide the reassurance these buyers need. An HSA home warranty is a one-year service contract with budget protection for covered repair or replacement expenses due to normal wear and tear. For prospective buyers, this protection can lead to increased buyer confidence and satisfaction. HSA home warranties also give homeowners easy access to reliable, qualified service professionals for covered breakdowns, reducing stress, and the worry of finding reputable and available repair assistance. With renewable annual coverage for continued protection, buyers can continue to enjoy HSA home warranty protection for many years to come.


You have a new listing that’s similar to others on the market.

The addition of an HSA home warranty can give you and your sellers a powerful marketing tool as well as a competitive edge. The added value of warranty coverage can help differentiate listings as well as promote prospective buyer confidence. HSA protection can help listings stand out from others on the market, appealing to potential buyers and helping to reassure them.


Your buyers are disappointed to experience a covered breakdown soon after closing and moving.

After the expenses of a real estate transaction and moving costs, being hit with home system and appliance repair or replacement expenses can be very discouraging. In fact, without an HSA home warranty, your buyers might even call you directly to complain. Instead, HSA coverage gives your clients budget protection and a repair resource for covered breakdowns 24/7, reducing your post-closing involvement and lessening your stress.


A seller or buyer has a breakdown and doesn’t know who to call for repair help.

With comprehensive plans and a service network of more than 15,000 service professionals, requesting HSA service is easy for covered breakdowns. If an item is covered in the contract, clients can place a service request online or call HSA’s customer service 24/7. A local, qualified service professional will be assigned to handle covered requests and will contact clients by phone to schedule an appointment during normal business hours. Your clients can simply place a service request and go on about their day instead of frantically searching for a reliable resource or calling friends and relatives for a referral.


There are many other practical ways that HSA home warranties can benefit you and your clients.  For more information, contact your HSA Account Manager or visit onlinehsa.com.