Spring Is Here Get Your Home & Garden Ready

Temperatures are getting warmer, birds are singing and everyone is itching to get outside. That can only mean one thing: spring has sprung! And what better way to celebrate than an entire Pinterest board full of crafts, recipes and gardening ideas? Here are a few easy ways to bring that budding warmth into your home:

  • Kid-friendly crafts- Chances are you may be out of indoor activities to keep your kids busy. Take advantage of the season’s pastel colors and fashion snack cones from origami paper. If it’s warm enough outside, have snack time at a picnic table at the park! If you’d rather spend the whole time outside, why not make biodegradable paint for coloring on the newly clear sidewalk?
  • No-soil tulips- If you’re looking for a beautiful centerpiece for your dinner table, try growing tulips without any soil! Here’s how it works: inside a wide and clear vase, set tulip bulbs on top of decorative vase filler. Then, fill water to just under the bulbs. Wait, and watch your tulips grow!
  • Start the garden (inside)- Are you itching to get outside, but the weather just won’t cooperate? Try planting your seedlings in egg shells before they’re strong enough to withstand the elements outside. Once they sprout, you can plant the entire egg in the ground. The shells will naturally break down, releasing nutrients (like calcium) into the soil.
  • Protect berries- Here’s a tip to save your berries from curious and hungry birds! Paint a few small rocks to look like whatever berries you grow. After trying to eat a few, birds often lose interest in the entire patch—because they think they’re all hard like the rocks.

We’ll be constantly updating this board with new ideas, suggestions, spring quotes and pictures. Be sure to check back often, and share your favorites, too!