Quick Tips To Keep Your Home Organized

Congratulations! You’ve moved into your new home. But now what should you do with all of your stuff? We’ve prepared a list of organizational tips to get you started.

  • Bin labels– You’ve probably used totes and bins to organize in the past—only to go rummaging through each one to find what you’re looking for (remember last Christmas?). But just because that system didn’t work before, don’t toss out your bins just yet! Put similar items in each bin, take a picture of its contents, and paste that picture to the front or top of the bin. You can also create a typed list, if that’s easier. Either way, your materials stay organized, and you know exactly where to go the next time you need something that’s packed away. Bonus Tip: Do this with your kid’s toys to help them learn where everything goes, or with shoe boxes in your closet.
  • Food storage container lids– Have you ever opened a cabinet, only to have food storage containers and lids come zooming down at you, like an avalanche? Here’s how to fix that: First, you should put them in a lower cabinet if you can (it reduces the chance of flying objects). Then, get a drying rack. Lids should fit into the slots, making it easy to grab exactly what you need.
  • Gift wrap behind a door– You may still be discovering the nooks and crannies of your new home, but there is always space behind doors. There’s no need to hide gift wrapping goodies under your bed with this tip. Pick up wire baskets that can attach to your door or a pre-built system for this purpose. Once you see everything organized behind your closet, it’ll be easier to use, and keep any clutter under control.
  • Hair products on wall– Make your bathroom look like a salon! If you have more lotions, soaps and perfumes to fit on your counter (and really, who doesn’t?), here’s a great way to get them organized and easy to reach at the same time. First, measure your space, and buy enough shelves in that size to fit all of your things. After that, it’s as simple as mounting the shelves and arranging your supplies. Step back and enjoy!
  • Hanging shelves for pantry– To create more room in your pantry, try using hanging baskets as shelves for small items like storage bags and aluminum foil. Depending on what type you choose, some simply slide onto the shelf above. This way, your actual shelf is reserved for bigger items, and you won’t waste any air space. Bonus Tip- they’re easily movable, allowing you to stock up on seasonal items and household products when they’re on sale.
  • Shoe organizer for stuffed animals– If you have small children, you know how unruly stuffed animal collections can get. You’ve also probably tried to stuff them into toy boxes and nets, to no avail. To make them easier to see (and off the floor), try hanging a shoe organizer on the back of your child’s door. Each stuffed animal can have its own space, and it may even provide a good excuse to purge old toys (“We only have enough room for 20 toys in the organizer”).
  • Toothbrushes in silverware container– Here’s a great way to keep your toothbrushes organized, and keep them safe from other bathroom germs. Here’s how it works: each person gets his or her own slot for a toothbrush and dental floss. Shared items (like toothpaste and mouthwash) can go in the top section, or in another drawer. This helps each child know where their brush goes, and it also keeps everything out of sight.

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