3 Unconventional Ways to Get Noticed as a Real Estate Agent

The best way to grow your business is with a consistent marketing strategy that includes both online and offline tactics.  Just because you started blogging or using Facebook doesn’t mean you should forget about door knocking and walking your farm.  Chances are you have an advertising plan that includes flyers, print ads and hundreds of business cards each year, but do you wonder if there could be other options out there?

Here are three unconventional advertising strategies you can try:

  • Expand your focus. In addition to the events that focus solely on buying or selling homes, try expanding your focus. Check your local listings for expos on gardening, interior design and even pet care. You’ll likely reach people who own their current home, or could be potential clients down the road. If you can reach them before your competitors, all you’ll have left is the waiting—the hard work will already be done.  If an event focusing on the niche you love doesn’t exist, maybe that is a great opportunity for you to take the lead in creating one?
  • Change up your swag. Business cards and pamphlets will do alright wherever you go. But tailoring your giveaways to your audience can boost your visibility. Always look for something a guest could use—bonus points if they can use it in their home. For example: seed packets, paint can stirrers or dog toys/bowls (with your logo, of course) could become part of a homeowner’s routine. Whenever they see your name and logo, they’ll remember your business.
  • Do something completely different. Forget the cycle of events, and homeowner ties, altogether. Try sponsoring a local charity run or chili cook off—anything that will bring your community together will be a good thing. Here’s where your message is more important than ever, because stories from the event will likely lead to word-of-mouth referrals for your business. Make sure you’re showing your best side the entire time, and be as authentic as possible.