How to Work With Different Generations

To a great extent, the life stage of your clients determines their real estate needs and desires. Life phases can also influence the type of support and service they need from you as their agent. Here are some suggestions on how to work with different generations of clients.


Realtor with young couple viewing a room.


First-time Home Buyers
  • New to the transaction process, first-time buyers may not be familiar with real estate terminology and timelines.
  • They likely will have many questions and may need some hand-holding.
  • First-time buyers may be anxious about the financial commitment of homeownership and perhaps fearful of making a mistake.
  • These buyers are usually looking for a good investment that will hold or gain in value.
  • First-time buyers may be willing to put in some sweat equity for the right location and opportunity.


  • Buyers with families are often looking to upgrade their living situation.
  • They may already own a home and be experienced and familiar with the real estate transaction process.
  • They are usually interested in finding homes that offer more space both indoors and outdoors.
  • They may also need room for their family pets.
  • Buyers with families likely prioritize proximity to schools, churches, work, recreational activities, and friends.
  • They are also likely to view their home as a major financial investment, so are interested in increasing their equity and asset.


Empty Nesters
  • With children no longer living at home, empty nesters usually don’t need as much space and may be looking to downsize.
  • If they aren’t looking to downsize, they may be looking for a different type of home.
  • They may also be looking for a smaller yard and/or a home that requires less upkeep.
  • Empty nesters may be open to non-traditional floor plans.
  • This buyer category is often not tied to particular school districts.
  • They are often interested in staying near familiar stores, businesses, and amenities that they frequent.
  • In some cases, empty nesters may be looking to purchase a second home or to decrease expenses so they can.


  • Real estate clients who have retired may be on fixed incomes, which can influence the type of home they can afford.
  • Retirees may be interested in downsizing, which can be an emotional decision if they are leaving a long-time home.
  • With more time to pursue their interests, retirees may prioritize proximity and access to hobbies, sports, and charitable endeavors.
  • Retirees are possibly interested in housing opportunities that include maintenance help, like condominiums.
  • They may be interested in buying a home in a retirement community.
  • Retirees may be interested in single-story properties as well as in accessibility features.
  • Living in a safe area is likely a top priority for retirees.


One thing that all generations of real estate clients have in common is that they all can benefit from home warranty protection. For first-time buyers, the budget protection for covered items is key. Busy families enjoy the convenience of repair solutions for covered items, and empty nesters and retirees enjoy the support and access to a network of repair professionals.


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