5 Best Ways to Promote Your Virtual Open House

Whether you and your clients are social distancing, separated geographically, or you’re trying to generate interest in a property, chances are that you’re conducting an increasing number of virtual open house tours. With today’s easily accessible technology, virtual tours can be an effective, efficient way for buyers to view properties remotely and for you to market listings. You can conduct virtual houses in real-time and record tours to share on social media, websites, and via email and messaging. You can also add virtual tour recordings to online listings or use them for information and documentation. Once you’ve decided to conduct a virtual open house tour, here are some promotion ideas to help drum up interest and participation:


Close-up of businessman's hand checking house on laptop


1. Share the virtual open house information on social media platforms.

Use your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other accounts to advertise virtual open house multiple times and to share recordings later. Remember, some people still may not be familiar with virtual open house technology, so explain how they work and play up the novelty to increase interest and curiosity.


2. Use word-of-mouth.

In the days leading up to a virtual open house, mention it to everyone you talk to in person or over the phone. Ask them if they’d like for you to send them reminders so they will be sure not to miss the tour.


3. Add the virtual open house information to your website.

Include real-time tour information as well as recordings and listing information. Be sure to include a brief explanation about what clients can expect from a virtual home tour experience. If possible, include a shorter “highlights” video for people who don’t have time for the entire tour.


4. Tell colleagues about the open house.

Invite colleagues to attend and to tell their clients about the virtual tour. Be sure to send other agents reminder notifications and follow up with them afterward to see if they’d like to schedule in-person showings.


5. Send email announcements and reminders.

Send virtual open house invitations to everyone on your contact address list, including friends, family, and previous clients. After all, you never know when someone may be thinking about making a real estate purchase or know someone else who’s looking to invest.


For the best virtual open house experience, make sure you’re using the latest technology. Streem® is a dynamic new video chat tool and enhanced communication platform from HSA home warranty that enables you to share digital space with clients using one-way video and two-way audio. In addition to virtual home tours, Streem can also help realtors with remote listing preparation and documentation. With the helpful Streemshots® feature, agents can highlight, share quick sketches and diagrams, and capture full-resolution photos during chats.  For more information about Streem and how it can help you create professional virtual home tour experiences, contact your HSA Account Manager.