4 Ways to Capitalize on Testimonials

Client testimonials can be highly effective marketing endorsements. In a service-oriented field like real estate, testimonials give people an important glimpse of what it will be like to work with you and what level of service you provide. Testimonials can also help reassure potential clients that you’re trustworthy, professional, and knowledgeable. If you’ve received glowing testimonials from past clients, don’t let them sit in a drawer or hide in a computer file folder. Here are four ways to capitalize on the dividends that testimonials can provide:


Lady selecting 5 stars.


1. Use testimonials on social media.

At first, it may seem like you’re tooting your own horn, but remember that testimonials contain your clients’ words, not your own. Don’t be shy about sharing testimonials on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Include photos and videos of you interacting with clients (be sure to get their permission to share) and in action at work. Before or after the testimonial quotes, include your own words thanking your clients for their business and their kind thoughts.


2. Share testimonials with prospective new clients.

When you get a lead on a potential new client or an interview with one, be sure to show or send them a sampling of testimonials from previous clients. These validations can help give you a winning edge, especially if they speak to how you’ve helped clients in challenging situations or with complex deals.


3. Rotate testimonials in your signature block.

Including testimonials in your signature block on emails and messages is an effective yet often overlooked marketing opportunity. Simply add the testimonials in quotation marks below your name and contact information.  To draw additional attention, alternate the testimonial quotes regularly.


4. Feature testimonials in printed materials and on your website.

Choose several of the best testimonials you’ve received to highlight in your printed marketing materials and online. Use graphics and design techniques to draw the reader’s eye to the testimonials to make them stand out. Put keywords in boldface or italics for emphasis.  If possible, rotate testimonials on the website so that visitors see a new one each time they log on.


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