How to Talk to Friends about Getting a Home Warranty

After you’ve experienced for yourself the value and advantages of home warranty coverage, you may notice family and friends who could benefit from home warranty protection, too.  Since it’s only natural to share good news and good things with people you care about, you may find yourself having conversations about the benefits and convenience that you enjoy from HSA home warranty coverage. The next time you talk about home warranties, here are some things to remember:


Two friends talking on a couch.


  • Not everyone is familiar with the concept, so be sure to explain how home warranties work. An HSA home warranty is a one-year contract that covers the repair or replacement of many major home system and appliance components. Different from typical homeowner’s insurance coverage, a home warranty covers many unexpected repair or replacement expenses that occur due to normal wear and tear on home systems and appliances.


  • While HSA offers coverage at affordable prices and is committed to delivering exceptional quality and service every step of the way, a home warranty can’t cover every item in a home. Tell your friends what specific systems and appliances are covered under your plan and why it’s important to know what’s included under home warranty coverage before you need service.


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  • In addition to budget protection, convenience is another important reason for choosing home warranty protection. You could explain how HSA home warranties offer a solution for finding reliable service professionals for covered malfunctions.


  • If you’ve used your home warranty, be sure to talk about your specific experience and the money that you saved by having the warranty in place versus paying for the repair or replacement without coverage.


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  • HSA home warranty coverage can also be very advantageous in real estate transactions. If you have a friend or family member who’s thinking about buying or selling a home, make sure they know about the many buyer and seller benefits that home warranties offer.


If your friends ask questions you can’t answer, or if they want more information, refer them to or tell them to call 1-800-367-1448 to speak with an HSA customer service representative.  We’ll be happy to talk to them about the plan and coverage details to get them the protection they deserve.