5 Real-Life Scenarios When Home Warranties Could Make a Difference

In your experience as a real estate professional, you’ve likely seen situations where HSA home warranties helped transactions go smoothly and gave clients important peace of mind. While these are two great reasons for adding HSA coverage, there are even more. Here are five real-life situations when an HSA home warranty could make a big difference for your clients and you:



1. Your listing client has an air conditioning breakdown during hot weather with showings scheduled.

When clients list their home with you, they likely want to get a contract as soon as possible. Having a covered home system on the blink could postpone showings or likely be a turn-off for prospective buyers. With an HSA home warranty in place for the listing, your sellers have a resource to quickly turn to for help in scheduling a qualified service professional to handle the covered repair. Your clients can also request service online. Having home warranty coverage can also help protect your clients’ household budgets and prevent them from sinking a lot of money into repairs for a property they will soon be leaving.


2. The home inspection results threaten to derail a transaction.

Suppose the home inspection calls into question the condition of a home’s systems and appliances. In that case, the addition of an HSA home warranty can help reassure buyers that they won’t have to worry about covered repair or replacement expenses during the contract period. This reassurance can help with the home inspection negotiation process and give buyers the confidence to proceed with the deal.


3. Buyers stretch to afford their first home and have a covered major malfunction soon after moving in.

Home purchases are a major financial investment for most clients, and for some, it may mean stretching their resources even more than they had anticipated. A major home system breakdown or appliance malfunction soon after closing could be bad news for their budget. An HSA home warranty can give such buyers important peace-of-mind and budget protection for covered items, helping them enjoy their new home with less stress and worry.


4. Buyers relocating to your area are not familiar with contractors.

Relocating to a new community often means building entirely new networks of service providers. If a home system or appliance breaks down, relocating clients may have no idea who to call or even ask for referrals. An HSA home warranty can help decrease their feelings of vulnerability by giving them a reliable repair resource for covered items, plus budget protection for covered repairs and replacements.


5. First-time buyers don’t know how to budget for homeownership.

Owning a home for the first time can be daunting. First-time buyers may not know what to expect for basic home maintenance expenses and may not understand just how expensive some home repairs and replacements can be. An HSA home warranty can help by offering them budget protection for covered malfunctions. This coverage can help reassure homeowners that they won’t be blindsided by expensive repairs or replacements that are covered during the duration of their contract, offering them peace of mind and helping them to budget more effectively.


If you’d like more information about the many practical benefits and advantages that HSA home warranties can deliver for you and your clients, visit us online or contact your HSA Account Manager.