6 Benefits of Off-Season Checkups

Out of sight, out of mind may be applicable to some situations, but it shouldn’t apply to your home systems and appliances. In fact, even when you’re not actually using some of your home equipment, it could be beneficial to be giving those items some attention. For example, there could be some advantages in performing off-season checkups and maintenance on air conditioning and heating systems, as well as other home equipment. Here are some benefits.


Tool belt with gauges


  1. You’ll be ready when the system is needed. It’s not a good feeling when, on the first hot day, you go to turn on your air conditioning system and nothing happens... or warm air blows out. It’s equally disconcerting when the first cold snap hits and you switch the thermostat to heat, only to find that you’ll have to pile on another sweater and possibly some mittens if you want to stay warm. Off-season system checkups can help you avoid these early-season issues by catching some of the mechanical issues that can prevent your equipment from operating properly.


  1. Some service providers offer discounted prices for off-season checkups and maintenance. This can save money on labor costs and help with your household budget.


  1. You may have increased flexibility in scheduling appointments in the off-season, simply because service providers may not be as busy. On the other hand, if you wait until something goes wrong, it could be difficult to get a convenient appointment. Oftentimes, HVAC technicians are overwhelmed with appointments during the first heatwave of the summer or the first cold front of the winter.


  1. Off-season checkups can give homeowners important peace of mind that their valuable systems and appliances are in good operating condition. This can increase peace-of-mind and can help more accurately plan for household expenses and what repairs and replacements to expect.


  1. Keeping systems and appliances maintained can help with operating reliability and energy efficiency. When equipment is operating efficiently, you may realize savings on your utility bills.


  1. With regular off-season checkups, you’ll have maintenance records to show prospective buyers that the systems have been well maintained. When you go to sell the home, these records can provide valuable information and reassurance to buyers.


You and your family depend on your home systems and appliances operating properly, so when malfunctions happen, it can be a big headache and inconvenience. HSA Home Warranty Coverage can offer valuable protection all four seasons of the year for many home system components and appliances.  A one-year service contract with budget protection for covered repair or replacement expenses due to normal wear and tear, an HSA Home Warranty can also give you access to reliable, qualified service professionals for covered breakdowns. Visit onlinehsa.com or call 800.367.1448 for more information.