Areas to Indulge in Your Home

Would you like to add some luxurious touches to your home without spending a lot? Are there areas in your house that could use a glam-up? Here are some easy, relatively inexpensive ways to bring lavishness and lushness to different rooms:




Changing the lighting can instantly amp up an entryway. Adding a chandelier, sconces, or even lamps on a tabletop can change the mood and add a welcoming touch of glamour to any foyer. Scented candles also add a touch of opulence, especially when arranged in groupings. Hanging some colorful art or an interesting mirror as a focal point can add instant allure. An area rug or runner can be both practical and elegant in entries of all styles and sizes.



One of the best ways to add instant sophistication to a bath is to install light dimmers. Diffused light in a bathroom can give a spa-like, relaxing feel and easy on early-morning eyes. Add luxurious towels with heated towel bars for an extra treat, as well as fluffy robes, scented soaps, and a selection of bubble baths. A curved shower curtain rod can help expand the shower area without expensive and disruptive renovations.


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Turn your bedroom into an enviable retreat with down-filled pillows, a cozy chair, monogrammed linens, and soft lighting. Coordinate window treatments that complement your bedding and allow natural light to flood the room during the day and close for privacy at night. Area rugs can help keep your feet warm on cold mornings while adding color and texture to the room.


Living Room

The addition of fresh flowers can add luxury, color, and scent to any living room. Select a large crystal, porcelain, or pottery vase and fill them with seasonal flowers weekly, changing the water every few days. Or, grow indoor flowering plants such as orchids, kalanchoe, African violets, Christmas cactus, or bromeliads for the same indulgent touch.


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if you have a spare room in your home, such as an extra bedroom, office, playroom, basement, or bonus room, consider turning it into a retreat. You can plan the retreat around a hobby, such as yoga, sewing, reading, or painting. Or, make it a sports and game retreat with a large television screen, sectional sofa, and card table.


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