Working with Your Clients’ Needs and Compromises

Real estate agents know better than anyone that clients rarely find the perfect house. Most often, buyers compromise on some aspect of the home because the rest of the property suits their needs. Perhaps a home has the desired number of bedrooms or is in the neighborhood clients wanted but lacks storage space or the expansive yard of their dreams. Or, maybe a home has everything clients want but is on a busy street. Even when clients custom build a home, there will likely be things they would do differently if they built again. How do you negotiate the delicate balance of your clients’ needs and compromises? Here are some examples:



When clients need a certain number of bedrooms/bathrooms

If clients find a property within their budget that has fewer bedrooms or bathrooms than they wanted, there are some options. If their budget allows, buyers can always add the extra rooms after moving in. If adding on isn’t possible, maybe the home has other spaces that can be converted into bedrooms, such as a home office, a basement, or a playroom. Or, perhaps the bedrooms are generously sized and can fit extra beds so that siblings can share rooms.


When clients want to live in a specific neighborhood

When there isn’t anything for sale in a desirable area, or when the homes for sale are priced too high for your clients’ budgets. Look for listings that border the neighborhood your clients had in mind. Or ask questions to find out exactly what it is about the neighborhood that appeals to them. Is it the architecture? The location? The school district? Once you know their reasons, you can suggest similar neighborhoods that might interest them.


When clients want short commute times

Proximity to work, school, and other activities can be important selling points and have a direct impact on quality of life. However, sometimes affordability and/or availability of homes can mean longer distances to travel. Be sure to point out public transportation access, which can make commuting easier, or different routes to consider. Amenities and the right property can also make additional driving time worth it for buyers.


When clients have their hearts set on a particular style

Houses don’t have to have the proverbial white picket fences and dormer windows to make warm, inviting homes. While clients may have dreams of a particular home design or architectural period, they may be willing to compromise if there are no such options on the market in their price range. You can point out how changes can be made to a property’s exterior to add some of the design elements that appeal to them. Or, they can express their individual style in the furnishings, colors, and artwork they choose for the home’s interior.


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