All to Know about Front Doors

Your home’s front door is important both functionally and aesthetically. In addition to providing an entrance and an exit, your front door contributes to your home’s exterior appeal and can affect energy efficiency as well as the amount of light that comes into your home. Changing the front door can be a relatively low-cost way to upgrade your home’s exterior without a lot of extensive renovations. Here are some front door facts to knock around:



  • Today’s homeowners can choose from a wide range of front door materials. In addition to traditional wood, front doors may be made of fiberglass, steel, aluminum, glass, wrought iron, or a combination of materials.


  • Your front door should complement the exterior architecture and design of your home, both in style and in the color of the paint or stain that you choose. You can choose to make your front door “pop” by painting it a bright hue or even adding a shiny, glazed finish. For a more subtle look, choose a paint that matches your home’s trim or an understated wood stain.


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  • If you’re looking to make a drastic change and your entrance has room, you might consider going from a single front door to a double-door entrance or add sidelight panels to a single door.


  • Front doors with windows and sidelights can let in a lot of appealing light, but be sure to consider your security and privacy needs if you’re on a busy street or if your home is close to roads and sidewalks. You may need to add shades, blinds, or another type of window treatment to lower at night or when you leave the home.


  • Many front door materials, such as wood, require some regular maintenance. Periodically clean your door with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris. Some types of doors will need regular repainting or restaining, both for appearance and to help resist weather elements.


  • The hardware you choose for your door is important. Give some thought to the lockset, doorbell, door knocker, and hinges you choose. Choose brass, pewter, or iron to complement the exterior color scheme of your home and outdoor lighting fixtures. For some home styles, the addition of a kickplate at the bottom of the door can add nice detail and functionality by helping to protect the bottom of the door from weather elements.


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  • Add warmth and charm to the exterior of your home by adding a wreath or hanging to the front door. You can change out-the-door decorations seasonally for extra personality and flair.


To help you choose the right front door for your home, pay attention to homes with entrances you admire and notice the type of door each has. Save pictures of front doors from magazines, home shows, and advertisements that appeal to you. Having these to reference can help you define the front door style that appeals to you and will work the best for your home.